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It’s been two years today since I made my very first post on WordPress…I cannot believe it! I have never stuck to anything like this for a month, let alone TWO YEARS!

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 Yep…All about dropbox’s app on Android. I don’t know how many of my readers are aware, but I actually started to use WordPress/Blogging as a school subject for social media studies.

So here’s to you WordPress and all of my readers! Thank you for the good times and for helping me get through some really rough days. I don’t think that I’ve really had a horrible experience on here. You have introduced me to new experiences and new people…I love you for it! Here’s to more Blogging!


Dropbox App (Android)

Assessment 4

Critical Review

Media Sharing – Dropbox app

For the purposes of this project I am going with a mobile app for the program “Dropbox” which can be found on android phones. There are many students that I know of who use this program and recommend it but I have never used something like it before. So I am using this form of social media to learn more and see if it would actually be useful for my own school work.

Also for the purposes of this project I am pretending that my dream job is in a business that helps authors and illustrators go out and promote their works.

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The app that we will be reviewing is called “Dropbox” which is available on Android, Smartphones and Google Play. Dropbox is useful for holding information such as photos, files, lists, just to name a couple.

The reason we are reviewing this app is because we want to evaluate and see if this app will be of beneficial use when our writers and illustrators are travelling around to different functions and promoting themselves. One of the reasons for using this app is you can choose to make files public.


The question that this review proposes to answer is, is Dropbox beneficial to our clients, our illustrators and authors? The reason we believe that this is important is because we would like to ensure that our clients are taken care of and have a form of back up, where they can update their information anywhere that they are. They can also have a product where they are able to share their information freely.

Some of the functions that the Dropbox have are:

  • File sharing – including pictures, lists, photos etc
  • ‘Offline’ use
  • History of Usage


Negative aspects:

Free: Although the Dropbox is free, they only have a limit of 2GB. Although this can be changed and you can gain more space for free, up to a limit of 16GB. The downside with this is you have to add “Friends” to your account and it is only 500MB per “friend”. Any other options to gain more space you must pay and upgrade your account.

Sharing: One thing you must be aware of is that unless you want to make it private, you have to select the privacy. Otherwise anyone can see all of your files.
Privacy image

Positive aspects:

Free: The Dropbox app is a free app, which means that our authors and illustrators will be paying nothing to be able to have their work stored and are able to update any work or any ideas automatically and anywhere they are.

Tour: When you first sign in to Dropbox the site will give you a tour of Dropbox and explains what the app can do for you. What uses it has, how to use it. One of the good things about the tour it will actually point to where you need to look for certain things to do with the Dropbox. Including where the files on your computer will be kept when you sync up between the app and the files on your computer. Even after installation you can watch a video from your phone on how to use Dropbox, and it has a “Help” section.

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Offline use: You are able to have offline use of any files that you upload into Dropbox, this is done by adding the file as a “Favourites” (like a bookmark) and then syncing the file to your device for offline viewing.

Accessibility: Dropbox is available on your mobile at all times and you can also download onto your computer and add files from there. You do not necessarily need internet access to gain your files. This means as long as you bring the correct USB cord, you can plug your phone in to any computer and load the files from there.



In conclusion I think this would be beneficial for our authors and illustrators when they are out advertising their work. They can use Dropbox to not only use for any talks or speeches that they are using. They are also able to promote more of their work as they can download their work onto their phones and take it with them. Just to show as a preview to potential clients.

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