Golden Globes

I was going to write this initially on the day that the Golden Globes, but with everything that’s happened this week … It’s been a bit of a weird week! Anyways, if you watched the Golden Globes, I think that we can all agree that this year had so much variety! That’s the thing with all of the fashion on the red carpet, what one person doesn’t like, somebody will just completely love. Just take some of these articles below for comparison.

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Golden Globes 2016: The Best, Most Beautiful Dresses From the Big Night! (Article from

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I am definitely not someone who is known for her fashion sense, in fact I seemed to get paid out a lot (gurataneed by my brother who is actually certificated in costume design). However, I just love watching the fashion, and the stars just look incredibly awesome. Even with the more sheer outfits, I mean they work out and they work really hard to look that good. Why shouldn’t they be allowed to wear what they want? It’s not their responsibility to make us get off our butts and work out hard. If we have a problem with it, I think it’s more of a reflection on you as a human being than them? I’ve seen a few people write how they “owe us” to cover up more … Uhhh … How about no they really don’t “owe us” that? If you have a problem with it, it’s your problem.


“The Dress”

For many little girls we imagine a lot of things, the perfect guy, the perfect house (or in my case, a castle), being the perfect mother, having the perfect Lion best friend, like Rajah from Aladdin…Okay…I digress…Any-ways, there is one other that that little dreamt about…The “princess dress”.

For many of those wondering, this is a “Fact” that I can guarantee that no matter what, every single little girl had a similar dream. I mean it may not have involved a castle, a prince and a whole lot of singing animals, but we all would have that ‘dream’ outfit. A dress, a skirt, a sports outfit…There would have been some kind of outfit going on.

That dress that can make everything better, that dress that fits you perfectly, no matter who nasty a breakup, no matter a argument with your best friend…The dress that makes it all melt away…I think that I have found mine! Unfortunately, I keep having more and more problems with it =S I’ve had to send it back twice and now I am just giving it to a dressmaker friend to fix up. I just keep getting one with a dodgy zip…The best thing though? It was under $40!

It is a well-known fact that when a girl finds that dress, that perfect outfit, everything else just melts away, like there are no other problems in the whole entire world…It hurts how good I look in this dress ~.^

Here’s a picture of the dress, if you press it you can go to the site where it comes from =D I also LOVE that the dress is called “Goddess”…I feel completely like a Goddess in this dress.