In case you hadn’t guessed already I come from a “Land Down Under”…Best Country in the world =P lol…Anyways I came across this article over the weekend and it filled me with joy.


The Quokka has been the happiest animal on earth, as you can see from the pictures, you can probably see why. As one article quoted:

Meet the Quokka, a marsupial that seems to have come straight from an animator at Disney, but is actually native to a small corner of southwestern Australia.

Source: Meet The Quokka, The Happiest Animal In The World (PHOTOS) (Huffington Post)

Quokkas are usually very friendly animals as you can tell by the pictures, and pose no threat to humans whatsoever. However, these sweet little creatures, as you can imagine, because they are so placid and docileb. Their numbers were greatly reduced when Foxes and Cats were introduced to Australia. They are currently listed as “Vulnerable”. The good news though due to conservation and fox control programs, the numbers are starting to increase again.

I would normally not enjoy the selfies with a wild animals, but they don’t seemed stressed out. The other reason I don’t object to it, is mainly because it’s not the same as those “Lion/Tiger” photos. Were you take a photo with one and then they get killed afterwards? You know those ones?

Most of these photos are done in conservation parks. If I felt it was wrong, I definitely wouldn’t be “advertising” it, so to speak.


Mother Day (Australia)

Here in the land Down Under it’s our turn to celebrate Mothers Day, so because we celebrate a day earlier, to my overseas friends, please do not panic or worry. It’s just Australia’s turn to celebrate it today…Unless of course you have a Mother overseas, in which case, you should totally give her a call today.

Did you know?: The first “modern” Mothers day was celebrated in 1908 when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother at St Andrew’s Methodist Church. Her campaign to make “Mother’s Day” a recognized holiday in the United States began in 1905, the year her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, died. Ann Jarvis created Mother’s Day Work Clubs to address public health issues.

Happy Mothers Day to ALL Mothers, Grans, Aunties, ones that are gone and not forgotten, new mama’s, furbaby mama’s, all the wild mama’s, adoptive mama’s, stepmama’s, stepfurbaby mama’s…Like me!lol … All the Mama’s

Do they ever?

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas day and I hope that however you chose to spend it, it was full of awesome and even more awesomeness…

My biggest recommendation about what to do after you’ve come back from the gathering or finished whatever you do, is to stay off of the social media. Seriously, it was really depressing! It had nothing to do with what people were posting photos either. The “trending” topic was how people had made online deliveries for food the day before and of course it was a disaster … Now I completely 100% understand how frustrating that could be. But to come on a social media page on Christmas Day, all day, to attack people you don’t know, because they’re telling you to act a little more grateful (which is the biggest irony of all). It was just a sight too see! I wanted to feel so sorry for these people, but it’s a bit hard to feel sorry for people who are proving exactly what kind of “entitled” age we are living in. I genuinely want to feel sorry for them, but I just can’t,lol.

Yes, just be grateful people and if something frustrating happens, by all means, be frustrated, it’s frustrating when you don’t get what you expected, but realise if you’re spending the whole of Christmas Day attacking people, telling them to “get a life” might have a few thousand people laughing at you.

In Australia right now every 26th of December is Boxing Day (followed a lot by Commonwealth Nations) and I think that it’s one of those official/unofficial Public Holidays … Official in that it is a Public Holiday, but a lot of things are opened and we have a lot of sales on today. I woke up and checked my emails and I had a full page of sale online and in-store emails and now I can’t stop looking!!!

Happy Birthday Your Majesty!

Down Under today we are celebrating the Queens birthday (I don’t actually know what the Queen of England’s birthday) … The best part of it though? We get a public holiday here. Celebration! Well to celebrate I am sleeping in and playing video game all day! What do you like to do on public holidays?!