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I am planning on writing a post tomorrow, about my trip to Sydney. I am just sort of recovering from my trip, I was supposed to go into work today, but stuff happened.

I came back on Twitter, and apparently Rowling is setting up a female only “crisis” center or something? I am actually a little confused as to what it is. What I do know though, they plan on excluding trans women from it. However, that’s fine, there are lots of services to accommodate trans people.

The problem with HER female only center, is how do you police that? They’ve put, if you are trans they will direct them to a different service. Watching TERFs after transphobic post, play it off like the women accessing the services “will be fine” Should seriously, be quiet about it.

How do you know who is and who were not born female? What about intersex people? The people (women and men) who access these services, often only get ONE chance to escape from their rapist or domestic violence situation. They don’t always take a birth certificate with them.

This is what one TERF said

Can any of you see a problem with this? What “Lanah” is suggesting that it’s quiet simple. (Hint its not)
Most TERFS are comparing needing access to a center, as the same as mis-gendering. We’re talking about a crisis center here. Not when one of them calls me, a cis woman, a man. I understand bigots don’t understand the importance of protecting people in those situations.

Here, is a safe space

I will trigger warn, I am writing a bit about domestic violence.

I was extremely disturbed yesterday, after Heard’s interview with SG. “People” were calling her a psychopath. Because, she recognised how everyone falls under Depps spell, but that she also loved him still.

She did not disturb me. What disturbed me was people calling her a psychopath because of that.

It’s actually a very common thing, for an abuse victim to still care or love their abuser or harasser, even after they’ve left for themselves. Think also Meghan Markle. Think me, lol. I have cut communication with my Dad, still love him though. Times it is hard too though.

It is also known as Stockholm Syndrome

There is nothing wrong with you, you are not a psychopath for still caring or loving your abuser. This is why I was so infuriated, I’ve come off of Twitter for a while.

Why Do Some People Fall in Love With Abusive Partners? Medically reviewed by Lori Lawrenz, PsyD — Written by Kimberly Drake and Sandra Silva Casabianca on June 24, 2021

It’s what brings me to this blog post.

This blog is s safe space, my Discord, Instagram are all safe spaces. If you feel that I or anyone is making you upset with a blog topic, I swear I wont yell at them or you. I’m human, I make mistakes, but I don’t want to be continually putting you all in harms way.

Of course that’s not the same, as me being woke or a leftists. Deal with that yourself, lol

I was absolutely disturbed at all these people saying that Heard was a psychopath because she both was saying that she recognizes the hold he has over others, the toxic relationship, and that she still loves him anyway. She married the guy. That is completely normal.

What is not normal though, is a bunch of strangers, bragging how they watched the trial, and were completely fine with him texting things like that he wanted to have sex with a corpse, and a girls “pussy” is his and he owns it, he takes what he wants. And calling another stranger a psychopath, because she still loves the man she had married.

That’s not normal.

What these “fans” are doing on Twitter, FB, Insta, THAT’S not normal. Did you know, by the way, that Depp, who is in his 60’s, has never dated a woman OVER 30. Ryder, was a minor when she first dated him, and only 19 when they broke up.

He’s a total A-Grade wanker…

You ARE normal, he’s not and his little Deppford wives are not normal either.

Talking about Disturbed…

I’m right, you’re wrong.

Last time, I swear. I don’t think anyone expected that outcome.

So JD was found to be a wife beater, twice by a court in the UK, right. I think it was like 12 of the 14/15 charges were found to be provable. The legal analysts have said that this Jury got this really wrong. And the WERIDEST part of the whole thing, was that at least Depps ex-lawyer was found, in this current case, to have defamed Heard. When he said what Heard had said was a lie. So basically they found that Heard didn’t lie.

The very sad thing about this is that the next day, hundreds of people stopped their DV court cases from proceeding.

Yet, every single Deppford wife will insist to you. It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard I say. They keep talking about how the Judge/s in the UK, only had to “believe” that there was evidence of abuse, or something like that. It’s the weirdest I say.

Which I have no problem with Heard’s team appealing. It is absolutely the right thing to do.

Disclaimer (lol) this is in no way meaning, I think Heard wasn’t also an abuser. I do.

What makes this case different from a lot of others, is that there is one CLEAR person who has the power in this situation. He even said the 101 classic abuser statement “If she was so scared, why didn’t she leave”. For myself, and other abuse victims, that was a HUGE red flag.

I lost about 4 or 5 friends over this too. I’m not even upset about it, I’m just disappointed in them. People just REALLY don’t listen to moi, when I say don’t lie to me about what I’ve said and what I have not. Do you know how many of my “friends” had the actual audacity to say to me “But Heard abused him too!”. I have actually seen a few male victims come out and say that they also don’t agree with court outcome.

A little vindication

One of the reasons that I am so annoyed by the Depp vs Heard case, is because I see my Dad so much in Depp. The eternal victim, he has a pure heart, he as never done anything wrong in his entire life. It’s everybody else with the problem, not him. You don’t have to be educated to see what Depp is doing, IF, you’re paying attention.

Anyways, one of the big reasons, I dislike what Depp is doing is because I see SO much of my father in him. Anyways,

After finding out something that happened over night and in the last couple of days. You have people working on the POTC films saying that Heard’s editorial had no impact on Depp’s career. In fact what happened was Heard’s career was affected, more than Depp’s. Depp’s career has been his own undoing. Like even Heard’s supporters are saying “she’s not innocent in this” HOWEVER it’s Depp supporters who are saying that Depp did nothing wrong,

As I have said before, numerous times. Heard admitting to her part, does not mean Depp didn’t do anything.

Big Little Lies

I’m not sure how many of you have been watching the series “Big Little Lies” starring Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley…It really does have a stellar cast. I guess the best way to describe it is a bunch of, I guess what you’d call, white privilege folk and how everything in their lives seem so perfect. However, lies and their personal lives start to unravel. I have seen a few articles about how it’s not diverse enough, but I think that’s actually part of it. Being privileged doesn’t always guarantee you get what you want, having a big house doesn’t mean happy families. Having money doesn’t always mean being better off than other people. They don’t want to you feel sorry for these privileged ladies, but everyone has a story.

However, I digress…The main reason for the post today is regarding Nicole Kidmans character Celeste and great she is at playing this role.

Comment: Nicole Kidman has sparked a crucial conversation about domestic violence. 

Nicole Kidmans character is getting all sorts of abused from her husband and father of her children (played by Alexander Skarsgard) They have not been holding back either, as Nicole and Alexander have commented themselves, they did not use body doubles. It is definitely having an affect. The first time I really saw him doing something to her, her grabbed her around the neck and the shoulder and it was intense. I had a very hard time from not stepping in and telling him to stop.

It made me feel so incredibly sad.

Although her character is fictional, this is really happening. Most of the time we don’t know it’s happening. I think what gets to me a lot, the women that I know it’s happened too, they are incredibly smart and successful women. I mean they were A++ in school while I was scrapping pass through on C’s. You really have to watch the series. Their scenes make you feel incredibly uncomfortable and you’ll find yourself screaming at the tv “LEAVE HIM!!!…Run for the hills!!!”