Famous Dogs for National Dog Day

I don’t know if this an specifically American day, but I have a feeling it is. However, I love the doggos…In case you could not tell. So…Why not!

I think that the three most famous dogs are probably between Lassie and Lady and the Tramp.

I’m not going to list these in what order who I think the most well-known dogs are. If you want to add to my list, please feel free.

There’s just something special about dogs. They give us so much and ask for little in return. Just love and feed them, take them for a walk every now and then…That’s it…They’re so easy and non-complicated. Even when they have something go wrong, they’re still so easy. Just love them and try to feed them ❤

  • Beethoven, I think a lot of us have watched that movie at least once!
  • Toto! Your little dog too!
  • Copper *insert tears here*
  • Bruiser
  • Otis from Milo and Otis
  • Zero – Jacks ghost dog.
  • Dodger from Oliver and Company
  • Halloweenie!

I actually still don’t feel comfortable talking about my Pipster at this time. I’ve just been feeling very hollow without her, and seeing everyone talk about how grateful they are for their doggos during the year. While feeling happy and VERY lucky, I can’t help but feel sad.