Have a cup of tea with me?

Everyone who read my Blog a bit will know how obsessed I am with Wild Earth #safarilive live stream dream. Mainly taken place in Djuma within the Sabi Sands. Now they’ve started selling merchandise and I finally got my hands on a piece of it!


It is my own Safari Live mug/cup and I couldn’t be happier. I got in a greyish colour, because I anticipate drinking lots of tea and coffee and there will be lots of dredge marks on it. I have a couple of white cups and they just look messy after a while.

The only question that I have remaining is which book do I read while sipping from my new glorious cup? The front runner is the book that I have been reading the most at the moment and that is “Doctor Who: The Shakespeare Notebooks”. It’s the one I’ve been reading the most, but I really want to get started on Jodi Picoult “Small Great Things“. I’ve had it since Christmas and I haven’t even started it, I’ve had so many others from Christmas as well. Then there’s the new books I just got this week from Ellen Dugan called “Book of Witchery: Spells,Charms and Correspondences for every day of the week”.

I’ll guess you’ll just have to see and wait!


Pete’s Pond

For all those who read this blog, know that I have become a huge fan of live web cams feeds. Mainly ones of the animal varieties. Safari drives, African ponds. One that I have not been able to watch recently is called “Pete’s Pond”. The camera for this one came down, I think before the end of last year, and it is finally back! Ironically now Djuma Water-cam is down now.

Check it out now!

I promise that you will not be disappointed! Generally for us “Pondies” we watch Pete’s Pond before we watch the Safari’s and came back to, to chat afterwards.



This is why I love Wild Earth Safari Drive!

I know that I constantly go on about these drives, but it such an amazing opportunity! So I thought that I would start sharing some screens shots of why I love these drives…Get on it! Amazing way to wake up in the morning!


Wild Earth TV

Nat Geo Wild

Wild Safari Live



Wild Life Safari Withdrawals = Gone =D

I had a whole post ready to go about how I was already having withdrawal shakes from missing the Safari drives, but I don’t have to anymore! I don’t know how much more magical this Monday could be to know this amazing unique opportunity is still going!

Wild Safari Live TV

Wild Safari is Staying!!!

What an amazing way to end the full time working week! Got home and I found this message on the DJuma Djunkies and Wild Earth TV

“We know you have all been eagerly awaiting news on whether or not drives will continue beyond the end of January. We have been just as eager to share information about this with you, but could not as things were not certain yet. While they still are not 100%, we feel we can no longer delay sharing that we are very, very close to being able to continue the drives for at least another three months, and possibly longer!

We will at least continue for another two weeks in February while we work on ironing out the final details of this longer extension. And we promise to share more with you as soon as we can.

Some of the crew will still be leaving at the end of January because they have other jobs or activities to go to. Scott, Jason and Wium will therefore still be leaving us. Marc, Bryan and Alex will stay on and some new faces will arrive soon too.

Many of you have requested the creation of a tip jar and we are happy to oblige. As before this would work through PayPal and donations can be made to the e-mail address crewtips@wildearth.tv. 50% of the received amounts will be split between Scott and Marc with the other 50% going to Jason, Wium, Bryan and Alex. (Note that the response might state you have sent money to Petrus Henricus Maria Braat. This is because we are using Peter’s PayPal account to receive and disburse the funds.)

Due to changes in crew and us having to move to a new camp there will be no drives on Sunday, February 1st, but we will be back on Monday morning with Marc, Bryan and Peter.”

I have never been so happy in my life! Please check them out, I promise that you will not regret it!

Wild Earth Safaris


Wild Earth Safari

Since the beginning of October I have been watching a web cab feed called “Wild Earth Safari” and in Australia they run from 2:30pm-5:30pm and 12:30am to 3:30am. The web cam feed runs until January the 31st (although I, and many others, have asked, if there is any possibility of them running longer than that).

These feeds are taken from the game reserves of Djuma Game Reserve and Arathusa Safari Lodge in the Sabi Sand Wildtuin. You can all sorts of animal Lions, Leopards, Hippos, Ellies and Impala…Oh My!

They have experienced rangers and guides that drive around and along the way for the couple of hours they are with you. They will inform, and educate on a wide range of the flora and fauna of the animals and plants within their game reserves. They are incredibly good teachers and even when you see the true side of nature and the wild. They remind of you of “This is nature”.

I suggest you go and have a look at Wild Earth Safari and I’ll see you on the drive!