I really dislike the Right

I’m not going to say hate, although I have been there a couple of times. I definitely really dislike them, especially the Conservative Religious types. Some days I’m like laughing at them, because I can’t believe how they can be this stupid. Then others days I’m like “HOW CAN YOU BE THIS STUPID?”????lol I recently changed my Twitters cover photo (LaurenBolton3). I also decided to take a Twitter break. I came back to it a couple of days ago, and now I’m going to limit my time on there.


Things I don’t understand…

*…Which I have to say is increasing, these things I don’t understand*

People who go into the Entertainment News section and complain about it not being “news”…When in literally every news-site and newspaper, there is global news…If you don’t like reading celebrity news, why are you reading celebrity news? Who put the gun to your head, that made you read that? I think you need to question those people, rather than the people who are writing about Celebrities and Entertainers in the Celebrity and Entertainment news section. Do they have trouble with understanding the differences between the news in each section?

It’s kind of like going to a clothing website and complaining how there’s no food on the website? Well, yeah, that’s the clothing section, not the food section.


People who complain about how unbiased a particular programme or channel is and YET keep watching expecting things to change, when they don’t have actually have to watch it. Yet, at the same time they don’t want to listen and change their minds, but they’re not being biased themselves? The weirdness of it all!

This or That? #73


This or That? #73

This week Bookmark Chronicles (please check them out) would like to know:

Are there any authors that you strongly dislike? Who are they and why?

(This could be overall, maybe you can’t get into their writing, don’t like the characters/world they create, or any other reason that has turned you away)

Shall I do it? Yes I shall…The author I probably dislike the most is E.L. James…The author of the famous book series “50 Shades of Grey”.

The reason for my dislike has nothing to do with the overall theme of the books. I have no problem with BDSM, I don’t do it myself, but I really honestly don’t care if you do. I also have a few acquaintances, that do work in the field. From what they told me the books are such a bad misrepresentation of the field. It makes me wonder if EL James actually even bothered to do any research.

I felt like the writing was just kind of bad as well. It seems to have odd descriptions and I guess what you might call a lot of “lazy descriptions”. I did actually try reading it, even though I actually just don’t enjoy the Genre of romance in books at all. I just barely got through the first chapter. I just felt the book could have been more. I get that the Grey books are supposed to be “naughty” for us more “delicate” types, but that doesn’t mean it has to be badly written.

This or That #40

Bookmark Chronicles is back with another edition of “This or That”!


This or That #40

You buy a book that a friend recommended to you or that a lot of people have been talking about. You reach the end of it and you hate it. Totally unsatisfying and a waste of time. One, maybe two, stars out of five. What do you do with it?

Keep it


Donate/sell it

I would probably keep the book for a little while, I have learnt from the past you should always give book a second chance. There was one time where I could personally relate to the book and so I hated the theme, I hated the characters. So I stopped reading it and I held onto it for a couple of years…Mainly through completely forgetting that it even existed.

I put it in the dark recesses of my mind. However, recently I was going through a “Winter Cleaning”. Where I was getting rid of the summer clothes I don’t fit into it, stuff and things. I went through my books, I very rarely get rid of books. I saw this particular books and I picked it up, decided to give it a chance. I really liked it.

So my lesson is, if you don’t like something, maybe hold onto it for a little longer and then give it another chance.