It’s not you, it’s everyone else.

I was just thinking with some of my current Blog posts, like my “Women vs Women” and I wondered why is there not more discussions about them. Then I realised it’s because my readers are actually nice people.

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With so much ugliness, it can be hard to remember sometimes…That there are actually nice people in the world. It’s good to remember that from time to time.

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This or That? #55


This or That? #55

This week Bookmark Chronicles would like to know:

Would you ever join a book club? Why or why not?

The answer is I have never belonged to a book club, but that I have frequently wanted. The main thing that is stopping me is, if I’m not really interested in the book. There’s a good chance, I’ll struggle reading the book and then wont read it in time.

I have actually thought about creating my own online book club. I just have honestly, no idea about how that would even work. Even if it was run every couple of months, instead of every month.