Next time you feel “sorry” for Israel Folau

I am writing this post after I saw an article with the heading “Another lifeline for Folau”. For those who don’t know Israel Folau is/was an Australian Rugby. A player who repeatedly made very anti-lgbt comments, even though it was against the contract he signed and he was warned repeatedly.

What makes me angry the most is his supporters saying his “Freedom of Speech” is being taken away. He still hasn’t deleted the tweets, he hasn’t been arrested, he’s not been banned from social media. He lost his job because he because he went against his contract, that he signed, that assuming he actually read.

This post is about actual discrimination, actual persecution against the LGBT. People who have actually died from the lgbt community. Links and Facts to actual persecution and actual discrimination. Please feel free to share:

Gay-Hate related homicides: an overview of of major findings in NSW – Australian Institute of Criminology.

Police call for information into ‘gay bashing’ murders of two men in Adelaide parklands
– ABC news 31st March 2019

Twenty seven men were probably killed murdered because they were gay, police say
– Unsolved homicide unit now examining 23 cases after findings from three-year review of 86 cases.

Blood Sport: The Bondi Gay murder
– Related to the above article.

Double killer Damien Peters, who disembowelled male lovers, vistied gay clubs while on the run. –

Depression is killing gay men
John-Manuel Andriote – Stonewall Strong – Psychology Today

But you know…Folau is the totally the victim with losing an overpaid unnecessary job.

Welcome to my multicultural life…

Blame the alcohol, blame the tired mind from a long week. I really do love my multicultural life.

I have gay people, religious people, jock people, nerdy people and they are all truly wonderful in their own little ways. However, I do feel extremely uncomfortable whenever I have to read someone saying that we should get rid of “that whole group”. Doesn’t really matter which way it goes, it really doesn’t. Whenever you say “all” of a group, to me, you become lesser than that WHOLE group.

Sure, get rid of the extremist in any group, they are typically always dangerous and really feed the hatred and fear.

But anyone who can say this man should be “gotten rid of” has something seriously wrong with them!

Uploaded by: BBC News (Date – 17 Dec, 2015).