A reminder =D

Just a reminder that I am currently having a give away, but you have to be following my Discord account to sign up. It’s for a $50 (aud) gift certificate for a book shop of your choice. *Competition not affiliated with Goodreads, WordPress or Discord* …

It ends 17 December 2021 18:44 (AEDT)


My Planet Zoo <3

For my birthday, a couple of weeks ago, I did a little playing of my game live called Planet Zoo, and it was really fun! Since I had a good time playing and trying to chat to people, I’m going to do it again. I’ve doing it through my Discord channel. Which you can find the link to that below:

International Book Friends Club

Which you can all join even just for the books. What I’m doing today though, is not playing the Game (haha). Just a couple of screenshots from my game, it’s kind of funny.

Just for giggles and awwwww…


As I am pretty sure that I have mentioned before. I am taking this time in isolation, too re-look at my Discord channel. I have added a new category called “PP”.

What even is PP, you ask.

In honour of my sweet furbaby Pippy passing away, I have decided to create this channel. The PP stands for Pets and Penpals. I didn’t realise how much Pippy was loved, by not just her family, but a lot of people from around the world. Please post anything pet related, if you’ve got pictures of your fur/scaly/feathery babies “reading”, fantastic! But any picture will do!
As for the Penpals, I started thinking about it after writing letters to people regarding how wonderfully they treated Pippy in the last year of her life.

Discord Update

So I asked what you would like to see more on a Discord Book channel and you let me know! So I’ve added a channel called “Book Style“. While the original post was about style in general, I have found over the years. That there are lots of “bookish styles” both dressup and every day. I’ve added the channel and I’m hoping to have a bookish feel to it more.

Men and Women of course! Men read and have style too! I would actually really LOVE to see how bookish outfits you may have had over the years. They can be costumes, or something you wear every day. I got the ball rolling, pop over and have a look! I think it’d be a great place to swap style ideas as well. Myself, I love to thrift shop. You can find so many styles there! I might actually start taking pictures of any “book” styles I have,lol.

Let’s chat!

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Discord…What would you like to see?…Magical Monday #12

Although I am really the only person posting on Discord, I am actually having fun doing it. Although I do feel like I am talking to myself a little bit. I’m still going to continue to post topics and interesting Literary related…everything. What I would like to know though, what I could do to get people more interested in joining?


Please feel free to click on the above link to have a little looksie. Would competitions help? What kind of competitions? Should I just write here, what I’m writing on there? Also feel free to share, to see what other people might think.

Discord reminder!

Just a little reminder that I have now created a Discord book text/chat channel.

Below is the link: https://discordapp.com/invite/UzEWSNu

I think that I have finally managed to get a invite link, that just stays instead of expiring after 24 hours. I’m going to be working on the Discord chat tomorrow as well, and I will probably do regular updates of the chat. Just reminding you of the link.

Join Us!

So I decided to start a Discord International Book Club. It’s one of the things that I promised to myself. Too get more involved with my friends, but also to see what I can do about reaching out more to the Book community. Books and Friends…How can you lose! What better day to start than on Tolkiens Birthday!

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I have so many friend in my country and internationally, so why not try to bring it all together! I have so many friends and family who love books. I thought it’s be a nice idea to have a safe space for us book worms to talk all things books =D I don’t know what I’m expecting of this, but I’m hoping it’ll get a lot of us talking about books. Having something fun to concentrate on.

This is the link if you wish to join…Hope to see you there!


We Could Help Each Other — Sara in LaLaLand

It is crazy how quickly you can click with some people. This is precisely what happened between myself and a fellow blogger here on WordPress. I recently met Southern Musician and we chatted and got to know each other a little over a couple of days and Southern came up with a wonderful idea of starting a […]

via We Could Help Each Other — Sara in LaLaLand

*Please read and consider joining <3*