Monday Peeves … Celebrities

I don’t know which category to put this one honestly, lol. So I thought I would add it to Paula’s Monday Peeves.

What a disappointment celebrities have been this year.

I unfollowed Orlando Bloom recently, he posted that “obligatory” I stand with the Jewish community, here’s the thing. Bloom only follows about 1,500 people on Instagram. Kane West is one of them…I had a crush on him since like High School, so over 20 years…I’m so old, lol

Then we come to his “wife” Katy Perry. Herself and other’s wanted people to vote for Rick Caruso, by stating about the “homeliness” problem. Caruso was part of the Republicans, but suddenly switched to Democrats. He also, by sources, voted against same sex marriage and abortions. That wasn’t even what got me, Katy Perry and the other celebrities who endorsed him, are worth over a billion dollars. They could literally solve the homeless problem in Los Angeles, themselves. When was the last time you saw any of them at a soup kitchen.

Caruso lost.

All these middle aged celebrities telling us that Rowling isn’t the bigot, she is. Then hound the young ones who rightly stand up and say who/what she is.


Happy New Year!

  1. I ONLY made it to midnight because the cat kept grab what he could get at. I feel asleep very quickly. Went to bed feeling all achy, woke up still feeling achy. I don’t know if this is a sign of the year!

This is my very tired attempt of wishing you all a Happy New Year. While I have not into this new year with the same optimism that I did last year. After all, if you expect disappointment, you be so surprised when you get disappointment…BUT!

I think, in honour of Betty White. We should continually remind ourselves “What Would Betty White Do!”.

I am going to try and now get through some of your posts, but I am feeling just terrible and can’t sit for long. So, don’t be surprised to see me liking and commenting posts at different times today.

Also, to this beautiful WordPress Blogging community…

Feelings, they change

It’s an interesting way they way I feel these days. I had a random thought about it on the bus. These days I am still surprised when people let me down, or stab in the back or even chuck me for a “different model”. Yet somehow I am not disappointed any-more. Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around, or have I been hurt that much?

My life keeps going even when my circle becomes smaller. Years ago that would have really devastated me, but these days I feel like it makes me happier, because then I know who is really apart of my life. Who is really there for me because of me, who really is apart of my life and is encouraging me in my life to get better and stronger every day.