Nurture Thursday – Re-Direction

Nurt Thurs – Re-Direction

Who isn’t feeling like this is what’s happening to them lately?

I have actually been thinking that during this time, maybe it’s time to start a hobby or to do something constructive with all this free time. The funny thing is so though, just this morning I was asked to come back to work. But it’ll still be a casual position and there is no guarantee it’d be to the end of the year. I think it’ll be for a months.

So while, I start work again and will probably still not work every day. Maybe NOW’s the time to rethink things. About my career. What do I really want to do? Am I willing to stick it out in any position, till I can figure out what I want?





So if you read my recent goals (if you haven’t find the post here) I want to get my shop up and running. I’ve been working on it, but I’m looking at different things as well now, instead of just candles. The main reasons I wanted to focus on Candles was because not only do I love them, but the postage was also so expensive!

The problem I’ve been having is that there are SO many better candles out there and this is something that I have not even told my mum or my partner about. So I’ve been thinking about doing other things as well. So far, I’ve come up with things like cups/mugs, bookmarks etc. Accessories really, where I can put some of my own quotes on them. I’m just not a very good artist, so I’ve been working with the bare minimum.

So basically I have been a bit all over the place, and that is fine. I just wish…What we all probably wish…I was a millionaire, because then I would be able to get the stuff I want to get…

I am going on a little bit, aren’t I?!

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I am alone at a Crossroads

I hate to great you all this morning with such a depressing post. I must also start with saying that I actually scheduled this post, I’m writing this on Tuesday evening to be posted on Thursday. Mainly because my brain is so fuzzy on this Tuesday evening, I want to reread to make sure this makes sense.

So there was three jobs I went for, all three I actually wanted, the selection criteria for these jobs meant that I wrote 6 pages for each. I got no where, no interview, nothing…One that actually made me angry, was a job I got offered a couple of months ago, casual work, but I could just not get there. Yet, somehow I can’t even get an interview for the exact same job at a different Library, but within the same council? I haven’t had an interview for a Library job in nearly two years now!

So once again, I’m stuck. I actually really like my job, but its just not stable. There was a while back where I had no shifts for three weeks. I can’t really afford to do that.

So what do I do know? Do I even bother anymore? I was always told that one you have a job, it’s easier to get another one, not for me it seems. I actually did consider moving interstate at one point, I live in the state with the highest unemployment rate, but I can’t anymore, cause my partner doesn’t want too.

Time for an unexpected change?! O.O

Over the last few days I’ve been asking for feedback about my Library job applications. It’s been a bizarre situation, I haven’t been able to get any interviews for just a casual Library position. I keep getting interviews for Managerial positions, which I never get because I am nowhere qualified for.

With the feedback, the only feedback I’ve been getting back is they wont give me any feedback because they’ve gotten too many applications. Which I get, but I highly doubt all of the applicants are getting back to them and asking for personal feedback. All of this has been making me incredibly depressed, I’m starting to wonder if the Library career is the one for me. I have even considered moving interstate where I know there are more opportunities, but now I can’t =/

So I’ve decided that I am going to keep applying for jobs for one more year and then I am going to stop trying so hard. However, I am starting to think that I want to try some different career, even possibly starting a small “on-the-side” business. Except I have no idea where to start because working in a Library is kind of unique.