Peas in a Pod

I had a really bizarre day yesterday, it was roller coaster at seeing the bad, the good and the mentally unhealthily obsessive with the “Hollywood” culture…And it got me thinking of a situation that I went through and have come through.

What is it with people and this whole…Two people do the exact same thing and yet, people can condemn one and revere the other? There was a situation I found myself publicly shamed, yet someone else came along, only a year or so later, did the same thing and they were revered. I have to say I did not feel ashamed having a one night stand (and it was the first time I’d ever had one) and did not realise that it’s something I should be ashamed of, or was other people’s business. The same situation kept happening, to the point I have nothing to do with this group anymore.

It’s always bugged me though, mainly because I guess because I don’t see it just with me anymore. I see it pretty much every where I go. It’s something I don’t understand. Sure if it’s someone I love and respect, I might be a bit shocked and try to understand. I just don’t get it.


What’s to be done with this Homer Simpson?

Uploaded by: THE ICON SOUP HWF

I just thought that I’d put this video up because how true is this?! I’m at a point in my life where I can feel that everything is just changing. But what’s to be done? Where does one start? I can’t keep living the life I’ve been living, I am so happy in my romantic relationship and I am enjoying too much just hiding away every single weekend with him, I just can’t keep doing that any- more.

Naturally I am an introvert, but even I have to get out and see people. Unfortunately a lot of people are driving me nuts at the moment, which is why it is easy for me to hideaway.

The other problem is that I have possibly TOO many ideas going on in my head, so many ideas and no idea where I can start with any of it. I would love to do something, possibly using my Blog to sell stuff, start my own fantasy jewellery online shopping. Cosplaying is something I’m looking into, but even with that. Sewing is not my “forte” and I have no idea where to start!

Any help?!