Grief, when you don’t know what to say…

I put this under “Magical Monday”, because death and grief are a part of life. That many of us don’t like to talk about, until it affects us. I totally get that. What I want to talk about, or write about how do we helps others cope? When I was thinking about it, we all know people from different religions and different walks of life. So when we know someone who comes from a different life, what do we say, or what can we do? Because I don’t know.

I would like to know though.

My mum and I, as an example, we both hate saying to others “I’m so sorry for your lost”. We don’t mind other people saying it to us. We just dislike saying it to others. But what else can you say. You are actually so sorry for their lost, but we just feel like lots of people say it. It must get repetitive.

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So I would like to know, coming from your background. How do you, your culture, your religion, your family…How do you handle grief?



My Weenies <3

I don’t even know how to start this one, so I’m just going to head on in it.

Do you have two different meanings for one word? I do…I think.

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Mine is “Weenie”

I have two meanings when it comes to Weenie…This first is calling someone a weenie and it’s because they’re silly or “stupid”, but not necessarily evil. I guess like the Rose gif at the top there. Generally though, I don’t actually like them, and I like Rose. As I generally don’t like to be mean, I feel like weenie s a more affectionate term to call someone I don’t like very much. A good example used to be Trump, now he is a big weenie! However, as time as gone on, he’s gotten worse.

The other way I mean weenie as well though, is when I like someone, but I can’t say that I do for whatever reasons. So although, I do like them, I can’t admit too it, so I call them “my weenies” so it throws people off the scent.

So one is full of…well..weenies…and the other is full of fake weenies…

Do any of you have words like that?



52 Week Grateful Challenge … 3

3. Family

I really do appreciate both sides of my family but for two very different reasons. My mums side are incredibly close, sometimes I actually would prefer to hang out with them then some of my “friends”. As I’ve gotten older, I will chose to hang out with my family over friends. We are  all so different as well and yet, we just gel. We have in our little mix, gay, really religious,sporty, geeky, new age, all science. Yet, we don’t fight, we accept each other differences and I guess that’s whats makes it so easy to be around them.

On my Dad’s side they barley all speak to one another and it is just incredibly sad. It also constantly reminds me that time is precious and you shouldn’t take those you are close too for granted. They’ve also taught me that sometimes it’s not always your blood family that makes a family. It’s kind of a weird way to be grateful for a bunch of your family that don’t speak to each other, but I am. I am very grateful that I have two families that are totally different in their approaches to life.

One side of my family are really active and just want to do a lot. There the type that can’t just relax on a holiday, they have to get up at 5am and have to do things. Whereas the other side have no problem sleeping in, just lying around a pool, and there isn’t anything wrong with that either. One side of my family are incredibly active and live life to the fullest, doing everything, whereas the other side has huge problems with addiction. I know it probably sounds weird, but I am grateful for being able to see all sorts of life. It’s been able to give me the ability to understand that EVERYONE on this planet has their own story that their living. No two families are exactly alike and if families are so different, why wouldn’t the rest of the world be?

The Majority

I read a post recently and I had to unfollow the Blogger and her posts, but it was for a very unusual reason. I have this weird “thing” (don’t know if you would call it a habit or what) but when someone groups a bunch of people together or says something like “the majority of people on this post/blog” etc. It instantly turns me off, as a lot of the times I haven’t actually agreed with what the writer has even written.

For more a perspective on what I’m talking about I will give people a bit of a warning and a heads up. If you don’t like “wolf-whistling” turn away now!!! …

I don’t get morally outraged at a wolf whistle, I just don’t and sometimes it has made my day. For example, I had an ex who was literally telling me I should be more like the other girls “I should dress more like this girl” or “Why can’t you do your nails like this girl”. So you know one time I went for a walk and I got wolf-whistled by a guy. Just me, just little old why-can’t-I-be-like-all-the-other-girls got wolf whistled and I am not ashamed to say that it made me feel better and I went home that day instead of staying with the guy who thought I should be like the “other girls”. I am now with a guy who makes me feel so beautiful that when someone does wolf whistle me it doesn’t phase me.

Now guaranteed if some person wolf whistled and said “Show me your t&its” I would think that person is gross, but I would just keep walking, it wouldn’t upset my day. It makes me feel “unwomanly” though when other woman get morally outraged at me that I don’t get offended by it. I just don’t. I think there are definitely worse things you can say to a woman than a wolf whistle. I just don’t let strangers affect me? I am more affected by my boyfriend telling me that I should be somebody else.

Back to the topic, even in High School I was like that. I might be showing my age by sharing this with you all by when everyone else like Taylor Hanson, I liked Isaac. When everyone else like Nick Carter, I liked Brian. I think that it’s one of my weirdest thought patterns.