Sunday Poser # 121

I don’t always do this, but I loved this one.

How important is self development for you?

Self Development is like the ultimate thing for me.

You can never ever change without it.

There is a line in the song of “Sound of Silence” … “Silence like a cancer grows” and I believe this too be true of everything in life, including ourselves. We all know when we need to change something n our lives. When we ignore it, it only gets worse. It will get to a point where we can’t ingnore.

Our bodies will tell us this, whether it be through actually becoming physically ill. I do believe that not listening to ourselves also affects out mental health, and as well as generally in our lives. We become angrier, we become more depressed, we tend to lash out more.

Self Development should be a top priority for everyone. There are a lot of quotes out there about self development and they are all excellent quotes. At the end of the day, all the quotes in the world, it’s all still up to your self (yes I meant to put a space in-between).

There is not harm to admit you’re not perfect, or that you got something wrong. But if you ignore it, you wont be able too. Your body will let you know.


This or That? #100 … The Finale!


This or That? #100

This is the final instalment¬†to the awesome’s Bookmark Chronicles¬†questions for This or That? So let’s make it a good one!

This week Bookmark Chronicles (and myself) would like to know?:

What do you value most in a novel?

Quality writing ~ Character development ~ World building ~ Logical endings ~ Relatable characters ~ Real life situations ~ Storytelling

Something else?

(You must pick one)

This is such a hard question, and yet such a good question at the same time. Sometimes a lot of all of those ingredients makes for a great story and can also make for a bad story if they don’t all *mesh*

I am going to have to go with though, the character development. A good character can pull anyone in and it shows at the same time good writing skills. I think that no matter how bad a plot may be or even a bad story-line. A good character who develops over time and can be shown to “human” and relatable, can sometimes all you need to have. How else could you explain stories like Twilight and 50 shades. They have some terrible plots and endings (Twilight is my most hated type ending, where it’s “like a dream” and people just ‘wake up’).

Although it probably sounds like relatable characters, I don’t know how many people can relate to characters all the time, especially Vampires. However I feel like when people grow and change, and it’s written well in a story, people will relate better. Not everyone relate to a “Vampire” but they can relate to the feelings and how they change and how people change with different situations (for example).