Share Your World, April last week, 2019

Share Your World

Share Your World, 4-29-19


  1. If you could interview anyone from your life living or dead, but not a celebrity, who would it be and why? Wooo, good question! Whenever I think about it, I always want it to be like a Audrey Hepburn or a Gene Kelly. You know who I would like, but she’s kind of a celebrity? Cleopatra, the real one. I guess she’s not really a “celebrity” but she’s sort of one with them? Her name is ‘famous’. I would love to get the REAL story, did she use an asp? Did she really love Caesar or Antony? Would she love that thousands of years later, we still reverie her and find her a mystery?
  2. As a child, did you have a nickname?  Did you carry that with you throughout life or was it only in childhood that you used it? Yes, I’ve had two nicknames from childhood that I still use. One is Lolly, which usually only my Mums side still used with me. The other is Little Poppenjay. Only my grandfather used this on me, so very rarely my family do. But I really love it as a nickname. He’d say “Hey, Hey, Poppenjay…Hope you’ve had a lovely day”.
  3. Give us three words that describe you: Kind, Introverted and a little bit innocent.
  4. Sneaking into a second movie at the theater (if you go to a movie house)?  Is that wrong or just harmless ‘fun’? I don’t actually know what a movie house is, is it an American thing? But I think in terms of wrong and harmless fun, there are a lot worse things out there to do!
  5. If you had a time machine would you go back to the past or forward into the future?  Why? There are some parts of my life, now, that I so love. If I could go back, still know those people, or have the same job in the future. I would want to go back. This is going to sound really lamely sad. There’s one person who I believe loved me for me, like they actually worried and thought about me. I’ve always had this feeling that I am not number 1 to anyone, not even my parents. Even though my parents have been divorced for well over a decade. I know if my Mum said to my Dad “If you hurt Lauren, I’ll get back together with you”. As sad as it sounds, I think he would do it. My brother is definitely my Mums favourite, she does love me but I’m not the favourite. She’d deny it, but he is. Don’t even get me started on ALL my partners apparent obsessions with their ex’s. I’ve got great examples, one was one of my ex’s bought a couch that rhymed with his constant cheating ex’s name. If I had a dollar for the times he’d “accidentally” call his couch her name…


What were you thankful for during April? I am grateful that both the fur-babies are still alive and loved to be love, as they love me. I think this birthday I didn’t actually want “stuff” I wanted to be listened to and feel like I am loved. I think i kind of got that =)

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Share Your World…March Wk2

Share Your World

Share Your World…March 13, 2017

Do you push the elevator button more than once?  Do you really believe it makes the elevator faster?

No, I never would. I get to…well…paranoid that if I do that the elevator/lift would get stuck and then I’d get trapped in there and I do not want that to happen. I guess then I don’t think it makes it go faster, I believe it goes slower.

Do you plan out things usually or do you do them more spontaneous (for example if you are visiting a big city you don’t know?)

At the moment I really do suffer at the spontaneous, I need to have things planned. However, when I feel strong and my anxiety issues aren’t affecting I love to go out and do something, so that’s kind of spontaneous I guess? Even so, I did like to plan things even before my issues happened, I was always a planner, with random moments of spontaneous….very rare moments though.

Describe yourself in at least four uplifting words.

  • Listener
  • Loving
  • Tries
  • Inner

If you had a choice which would be your preference salt water beaches, fresh water lakes, ocean cruise, hot tub, ski resort or desert? 

Oh my goodness, so many choices and they all have their own pro’s and con’s. I love looking out over an ocean and I do like hot tubs, but I can only stay in them for about 5 minutes before I start feeling sleepy. No desert though and only a ski resort if I don’t actually have to ski,lol. I cannot choose!

Share Your World … Week 46

Share Your World

Share Your World … Week 46

Are you a traveler or a homebody? 

I am definitely a homebody, I enjoy being in my little home. However, I do travel interstate a couple of times a year and I really appreciate the time I have there. I’m always fully booked when I travel. I am one of those people that always seems to need a holiday from my holiday. If I was rich I would probably travel a bit more as well than I do now, and would stay longer. The majority of my time would be spent at home still though.

What kind of TV commercial would you like to make? Describe it.

Oh wow! I’m honest’t sure what commercial I would like to make. I’ve always the perfume/aftershave type commercials were “lame”. So I definitely wouldn’t want to do one of those. Maybe I could do some kind of travel commercial…That doesn’t involved boats!lol

Describe yourself in a word that starts with the first letter of your name.

This is a good one! The first word that honestly popped into my head was “Love” I’m just full of love…Yes, some days are harder than others to love people, and I do say people, people can make it hard to love them. Generally everything I do is coming from a place of love. I do try not to treat people with malice.

List some fun things for a rainy day.

  • Reading
  • Colouring in
  • Cooking/Baking warm food or drinks!
  • Listening to the radio
  • Watching comedies
  • I love to clean out my room on those days, get rid of old things and junk.

Share Your World … Week 36

Share Your World

Share Your World … Week 36

If you were given a boat or yacht today, what would you name it?  (You can always sell the yacht later):

I think that honestly the only way I would even have an Yacht/Boat is if I won it, I get really bad sea sick motion. I would definitely be selling it, but if I was able to name it. I might name it something like “The Lady” or the “Duchess Lady”. ‘Something Fancy’.

Which of Snow White’s 7 dwarfs describes you best?  (Doc, Happy, Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Dopey) Plus what would the 8th dwarf’s name be? 

I think that I would have to be somewhere between Happy and Dopey. Sometimes me being happy can make me Dopey at times. Sometimes when I’m meet someone for the first time I’m Bashful, but as I’ve gotten older, this happens less and less. As for the name of the 8th Dwarf, I think it would have to be something like: Smartie…I don’t know!

Name a song or two which are included on the soundtrack to your life?

The two that I would have to choose between is:

  1. “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.
  2. “The Show must Go On”…I know it was done but Queen, but I can really relate to the Moulin Rouge version. I feel like that song when I’m down and…well…The Show Must Go On!

Complete this sentence:  I like watching…

Homicide Hunter…Don’t ask me why, but I just love that show. Lt Kenda has had such an interesting career, he’s solved over 400 cases. They even brought him in on the Jon Benet case, ages after though. Read more about it here: LT. JOE KENDA EXPLAINS HOW JUSTICE CAN STILL BE SERVED FOR THREE INFAMOUS, UNSOLVED CASES July 16, 2015 by Crime Feed Staff