It just IS

One common thing I have noticed amongst TERFs and GCs, is there eternal insistence that TRA’s and Trans people HAVE to be able to define “women”. They mostly use Dictionary “meanings”. Which, yes, dictionaries have the basis for what ‘something’ means, but I would hope humans are more complicated.

I’m going to ask you first think to yourself “Define Woman/Women” and if you want to answer, great. Don’t feel like you HAVE to though.

For me, my answer is and always is. You can’t define women or men. You just know. You know how sometimes you can’t describe why you might not like something, or why you might like something. Yet, people DEMAND. Not everything IS easily explainable.

Like, I can’t tell you WHY I KNOW that I am a cis straight woman. I just am. And even if, I was to lose (for whatever reasons) my breasts, my ho ah, all my biologically inside womanly bits. Does that mean I’m not a woman anymore? I don’t know how you can “lose” your ho ah, but go with me here.

There is MORE to being a woman or a man, than a dictionary meaning.

There is MORE to being HUMAN, than a dictionary meaning.