Fight Me! Haha

Since leaving Twitter, I haven’t had a single stupid “debate” and I kind of miss it. Only because, all the stupid people on there made me feel smart =D

So, here are some of…what I think anyway, are some of more unpopular opinions. As the sentence suggests, that are only opinions!

  • Pineapple on pizza is great!
  • Rowling is a lazy writer, who stole HP from another female author…And she does nothing for women’s rights!
  • Everyone should stop writing that Nat Barr “destroyed” Harry and Meghan with what she said. They don’t even know who she is!Haha
  • Potato Chips are better than chocolate!
  • Harry Potter merchandise is way to expensive.
  • I like soapies =/ lol
  • But, don’t like romance “comedies”. They are the worst!
  • Dentists are overpaid, and don’t work enough hours to justify it.
  • Brad Pitts looks are over rated. Even before the child abuse.
  • I have an instant distain for any streamer playing Hogwarts Legacy.
  • Wedding photographers are WAYYYY to expensive.
  • There are not enough songs about being unpopular. This is supposed to be a silly post, and all the songs about being unpopular are far to depressing.

Happy TransMas! <3 <3 <3

Scotland have been really debating the last moments of the their GRA. Which has now been happening for over 5 years. They are in the final run, lead by the absolute Wonder Woman, Nicola Sturgeon.

You know how I know she’s a Wonder Woman? Rowling keeps trying to take her on, and Sturgeon just basically, ignores her, lol. She is a Queen, She is a Warrioress…and so are all the MSPs who are taking on all the TERFs and “people” like Rowling. I hope all trans people and allies have an amazing Christmas!

And this is why transphobes will always lose. If you have to lie, you have no strong position. You don’t even have a position. It’s just a lie, lol

Katy Montgomerie has such a good rebuttal.

It’s called a phobia, because it’s an irrational fear of something. When you get down to the truth and facts, your fears lessen. Which is why I think the GRA in Scotland, WILL pass. Like it has done in other countries. I have a fear of Octopus and squid-like animals. I have no problem eating them, but after watching a documentary. They are way to smart and can fit into anything. What are the chances though, one is going to come up my toilet pipe…

Great, now I can’t go to the toilet … EVER AGAIN!!!

TERFs and GCs = SO close to getting it!

You know what’s the funniest about TERFs and GCs? They’re either so close to “getting it” or they are getting it so completely wrong, and all at the same time. Its really weird to see.

Duncan there, is a big old transphobe and I hate how stupid he is. Everything he says is exactly what trans people want too. It’s people like Duncan though, who are the ones making it the issue. It’s not trans people, it’s people like Duncan, who are making it an issue.

One, trans people have a legal and moral right to “things” (I don’t know what Duncan is even talking about there)

Two, those medical invasive procedures aren’t done in a day. Like ANY huge surgery, there is a lot of talking and lot of information beforehand. The way Duncan talks about it, you’d think they’re going in with no chatting.

This is why it’s such a weird phenomenon. Duncan (and people like him) are the ones saying and demanding other’s be who they say they are. THEY’RE the ones with the issue, one that doesn’t even actually involve them. Duncan, as an example, will NEVER get trans surgery. So why is he trying to deny it for others? At the same time though, people like Duncan here, are the ones who are actually doing what they’re saying other’s are doing. It’s like, how can you not get how in the wrong you are, when you’re doing what you’re saying others are doing?

Also though, I don’t think gay people got their Rights, to begin with, without a fight. Duncan, needs to do some research on his own community sometime.

Update…Duncan blocked me, without responding, lol

Like I always keep saying. You can be straight, gay, trans, black, white, yellow, religious, atheist, man or women. Not a single one of those “labels” means you’re a good person, or that you can’t hate and harm your own “label” or community.

As another example, of TERFs not getting it, but at the same time “getting it”… but not… I saw one of them called themselves “Progressive”, so I asked why do you think you’re the progressive one when you’re say than trans people who call themselves lesbians or homosexual, are the homophobic ones. While also pointing out to her that there are Lesbians (I know two at least) who date trans men and trans women. Her response was hilarious!

She said to me that she was progressive, because she was saving women from Gender danger, and also called those lesbians “bi”. So basically, she’s progressive because she gets to deem what people fit what labels. And this is what I don’t get, so is she saying that women can’t think for themselves (which is not insulting at all *sarcasm*) and that she’s being progressive by putting people into labels and boxes that SHE deems fit? Seems a little Patriarchal and condescending too me, lol

Trumpter #32…The Blogger vs The “Writer”.

I admit, I mocked someone. It’s just that sometimes Trump supporters make it SO easy to mock them to begin with. I was “debating” with someone who calls themselves a writer in their Bio. Yet, they couldn’t understand that very basics of a debate.

We started to “debate” about this…

Now according to Phillips “writer” friend. Wajahat didn’t win the debate because he wasn’t specific enough. Which I’m not sure which part is not specific enough. But this is where it takes another turn. Because if Phillips writer friend had actually read the thread, he would actually understand that Phillips responded to a question about Trumps corruption with this “whataboutism”.

Wajahat actual question was “How are the complicit Republicans going to explain Trumps corruption and the general corruption of the GOP party to their children”. That was the response Phillip gave. Yet, it had nothing to do with Trump? So not sure why writer friend was saying, that Phillip gave a good debate because he was being specific, whereas Wajahet wasn’t?

  1. Phillip was not specific with Trump, which was what the original question was about.
  2. . You don’t have to give long speeches for it to be a long debate. Sometimes, simple works.
  3. Also, how is Wajahat wrong?

So the mocking came about because, as I, so kindly pointed. Just because you use long words, doesn’t make you a writer. A writer actually knows what words means. I had to explain “whataboutisms” to him. I asked him does he understand what the word “debate” means?

Unpopular Opinion #2

I have seen a lot of people saying that their Democratic candidate isn’t getting enough talking time, mainly Yang and Tulsi “gangs.” Here’s the thing though, what do they do to deserve the time? They’re not top candidates, they are right at the bottom. At this point, I’m still surprised that they’re trying to run at this point.

If you are a Yang Gang or Tulsi Gang, what do you think they have to offer that the others don’t? I’m not sure what they have. There are a lot of worthy candidates out there, what is it about these two, that make go crazy? I don’t want to hear anything derogatory towards other Candidates.

Just what they can offer, that others cannot.

Share Your World … April Week 3

Share Your World

Share Your World – April 17, 2017

When writing by hand do you prefer to use a pencil or pen?

I prefer pen, I will usually only use a pencil in a emergency. For example, if I’m on the phone and I need something to write with. Also if I’m writing on something that I shouldn’t be writing on, but it’s the only piece of paper around. Then I can erase it later.

Would you rather be an amazing dancer or an amazing singer?

Good question! I love to dance everywhere anyway. I think though I’d love to be an amazing singer, because I can make more a career from it. I love dancing and I was a ballet dancer for a long time, but the dancing world is SO competitive and you can only do it for so long. Unless of course something goes wrong with your vocal nodules I suppose.

If you were on a debate team, what subject would you relish debating?

Oh, probably some ancient thing. Who was to really blame for Cleopatra’s downfall…Mainly because that was my big project on my senior year and I got a really good grade for it,lol

What are you a ‚Äúnatural‚ÄĚ at doing?

This is going to sound really “lame”. I am naturally at being me =D

Happy Aussie Day!

Every year 26th of January is Australia’s Australia Day and since I am a proud Australian, I am celebrating the best way that I can without actually going out anywhere.

Australia Day Website

It probably may came a shock to little, especially with all that’s been happening this past year, that there is a huge debate in Australia right now and whether or not we should change the date. This is because the Indigenous people of Australia do not see it as a day that is celebratory, but rather they call it “”Invasion Day” and I do not blame them for it at all. You see Australia Day is celebrated on the 26th because, it marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet of British Ship, in Port Jackson, New South Wales. It wasn’t actually until 1901 that it was called “Australia Day”. Before that it had various names such as:¬†“Anniversary Day”, “Foundation Day”, and “ANA Day”

For one I don’t mind the date being changed, just as long as it still is within Summer…Too me beaches and Summer are just “Australian”. I even heard a name for the new day that I liked “The Spirit of Australia”…I don’t know, it just had a ring for me.

However I feel especially proud to be an Australian today. Apart from the hard right hater type folks, I feel very safe here. I am actually more frightened of my Aussies who are all “Send them back” types, mainly because they inflict and aggravate SO much hate and fear, that I feel more unsafe to be around a group of them than any of our modern “invaders”. They tend to be the ones who cause more fights, though all we mainly hear about the people they want to send people back…Even if they are just as “naturally” Australian as they are…It’s aggravating.

Someone should remind them of their Australia National Anthem:


Adelaide Cup

In my little “town” (it’s South Australia main city) today is “Adelaide Cup” day. To break it down, instead of breaking it down into tinier¬†stories. It’s a Public Holiday in South Australia (YAY) but it’s also the day in South Australia where our fanciest of the fanciest and the richest of the richest come out and take a bet on some horses.

The Adelaide Cup always takes place on the second Monday in March and it’s first run was in 1864. The first race usually takes places around lunch time and then continues at roughly 40 minute intervals for the rest of the afternoon/day.

Now this day does cause a lot of controversy, as you can probably imagine. That constant battle between “making” horses run and what can sometimes happen after the races. Also that eternal battle of do the horses really want to race? It’s also causes that big controversy of people needing to shop for everything in the whole supermarket, just in case…just in case, on that one public holiday day they run out of…stuff,lol

So readers, what do you think of racing? Horse racing or otherwise? Personally I am enthralled by car-racing, even though I don’t drive!

*If you do place a bet today, do so, responsibly*.