The Looong Day (Yesterday)

Does anyone know if Thursday has a “theme”? Like there’s Hump Day on Wednesday, numerous names for Friday and Monday. Are there any names for Tuesday and Thursday?

Yesterday was a long day, and it all started with a text message to my partner letting him know he may have be exposed to COVID, only 24 hours AFTER our 7 day lockdown has finished. He may have been exposed too it a couple of weeks, I was with him through the whole lockdown, and then went back to mine and my Mums. So she had to get tested too, because I had gone back for ONE NIGHT! -.- I can say though, it didn’t really hurt, it was more of a uncomfortable tickle.

It also meant though, I had to sit in a car. Now, anyone whose being reading my blog for a little while now. Will know that I have anxieties being in a car, especially for a long time and especially since you’re not allowed out of your cars when you go through a drive way testing center. I was on high alert, before we even got there. I had all my anxiety tools ready to go.

We pretty much were in and out. My mum thinks it’s because we got it done close to our home instead, and it’s not, what’s called a “hotspot”. So ALL that anxiety for nothing. I was telling my Mum, it’s horrible, lol

It didn’t help either that, my mum is terrible in the car with me, always asking “How are you doing” and my partner knew what she would do, but he decided to take his own car.

Not mentioning that Aunt Flow was knocking at the door, letting me know that she is “coming”.

The whole day I was worried, even though I was 99% sure we were all going to be negative. There’s still that 1%

Later we were all to stressed out to cook, so we got Uber Eats. I still can’t believe what happened there! First we accepted that our driver, had to take another order. Annoying, sure, but we love the food, so not hugely “problematic”. When we finally got it, we realised why they took so long to get to us. Instead of going back, the driver kept going to our place … WITH THE WRONG ORDER! Considering our meal was full of meat, and the meals we got was vegetarian. The driver probably took a while, because the other people yelled at him. When my partner rang the driver, my partner only said and I quote “I think you’ve given us the wrong order” and the driver started yelling at him! Told him it was my partners problem. Most drivers here, if somethings gone wrong, are happy to fix their mistake. The guy even said “I came to the door and had a conversation with you”


My partner told him how we got tested for COVID today and said “Are you saying I come out and had a conversation with you”? The other funny thing was, I was the one who actually came out to get the meal, which was left on the door step. Where it should have been, but I had no conversations with anyone. I wouldn’t, we just got tested for COVID, lol

Too round out the evening my partner got his test results back last night, but I didn’t until after everyone else could have gone to work this morning =/

You all should have seen my brain last night, I even forgot to have my cup of chamomile tea before bed!

Alan Walker


So you’ve had a bad day…

I still can’t get over that Police Chief saying “He had a bad day”. I don’t think he actually meant to be offensive, I just don’t think he was thinking at all. You know how sometimes you say something, that sounds better in your head, but as it comes out of your mouth, it’s all “oh hell, what did I say????!!!!”

I would like to know, and please share, if you feel free to do so. What do you do, on a bad day? This is what I do.

  1. Play the Sims – I think because I have total control…Well most of the time, haha!
  2. I’ll see if I can find a good comedy, if there’s nothing else on. Either a comedy or a ancient history documentary.
  3. Have a shower and a good cry.
  4. “Fight” with rando’s on Twitter, with facts of course!
  5. Colour in.
  6. Or do something like, concentrate on your report writing! Like I’m doing right now. I am actually finished, I just need to read through, format and do some referencing. Then I can hand it up =D

Biden/Harris 2020

Nothing like waking up too scared Republicans,lol…Today has been a good day.

It’s a Biden/Harris team!

I am now able to take some of my chamomile and spring onion plants out and use them…Funny though, my Spinach…Practically dead.

I figured out so more stuff on my Discord channel…Now this link, will only last for 24 hours and I have to approve of you first.

I was introduced to baby joey

5.61K subscribers

International Moment of Laughter Day

Since today is Dolphin Day and International Moment of Laughter Day…I thought that I would post a video that is of Dolphins and hopefully will make you laugh!

I do have to admit I am not the biggest fan of the Dolphins being in tanks, I’d rather they be in the ocean, but some of the videos are quiet sweet. I also kind of went swimming with the Dolphins once, it was fantastic! We took a boat out to sea and we had to hang onto a rope (it was VERY tiring) We had snorkels, it was such a weird experience, beautiful, for some reason though, I felt claustrophobic putting my head into the water.

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Published on 3 Jan 2017

World Wildlife Day

Today is a beautiful and sad day…

Beautiful because what animal isn’t beautiful? I just love talking about them…but sad because so many animals are under threat…

I am sure that most of you have probably heard of the latest news about the Sudan White Rhinos:

The World’s last male northern white Rhino is on death watch – Inside Africa – CNN

If you haven’t let me break it down, the last northern white rhino is dying. Now he is  pretty old for a Rhino. There are still two northern white female rhinos and this does not mean that Rhino’s are extinct altogether. It is sad though in this day and age we don’t have more of the resources to protect these animals. Well we do…Some people aka Government officials, don’t want to do it.

There are so many Myths and Legends when it comes to Rhinos and their horns, which are completely unfounded and are just not true. Rhinos horns are made out of the same stuff that our finger and toe nails are!

I also don’t know how many of you follow Big Cat Rescue...But they are a wonderful organisation and they usually only rescue Lions and Lionesses

(and a helluva lot better than BJWT…Do not support that wacko!)

One of their Kings…King Joseph also passed away today, but at least we can comfort in the fact that he was rescued and lived out a much better life, and did not die alone. Then the life he was living.

Official website of UN World Wildlife Day website

Please look at this website, it has so much information about animals that are under threat and can give you ideas on how to help.


Australia Day thoughts

Glenelg was goooooorgeous and not busy on Australia Day, I think because of the heat…I am so happy that I went and took it back =D If you go there please try the frozen yogurt at Fruizberry It’s freaking amazing! It was such a lovely day and I am very glad that I went through and stayed overnight with my partner. It was such a lovely day for us.
“For those who’ve come across the seas, We’ve boundless plains to share”

However, my friend of colours experienced racism…and quiet frankly, Australia…IT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

It’s a big reason why I think the date needs to change or we need to make Australia more multi-cultural. I mean it’s the day where immigrants become Australians…These white people’s families were immigrants too once and would need to have applied for Australian Citizenship. It’s all been shocking how little these people who think we should keep the day the same day. Know very little about Australia and it’s History and know very little how long Australia Day has actually been an National Public Holiday.



#HolocaustRememberanceDay … There were not “fine people” on both side…Just one…The allies…Chuck Schumer is not a “cry baby” for getting choked up for remembering his family who died in those concentration camps…THAT WERE REAL!

Remember it didn’t start with gas chambers…Posted on 11:11am

remember it didn't start with gas chambers Why we fight – Band of Brothers

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Published on 19 Jul 2009

Share Your World … August, Week 4

Share Your World

Share Your World … August 28, 2017

What would constitute a “perfect” day for you?

  • Wake up feeling refreshed AND not waking up not too early and not to late, maybe snuggling in for a little bit.
  • Playing with the pets, even if I have to pick up their toilet business in the process.
  • At some point I’ll be reading and writing something
  • I’ll get to chat with the best people from all over the world while watching safarilive at the same time.
  • There’ll be a long shower in there somewhere.
  • I’ll clean out a lot of things! Not clean up, but clean out some of my “stuff” and get rid of it.
  • Although I might also clean something that’s been bugging me.
  • If it’s around Christmas, I might actually go out Christmas shopping…for a few hours,lol
  • Catch up on favourite shows, I usually do this when I’m eating my lunch.

Complete this sentence: My favorite place in the whole world…..

Where ever the people and animals I love the most are…Lame, but true!

Who was your best friend in elementary school (prior to age 12)?

I had a couple, I’m not “friends” persay with them anymore. However, one of the brilliant things about Facebook is I’ve been able to find each of them on there. It’s been great! The funny thing is, it’s interesting to see how much we get along with still. I haven’t seen some of these people for over 20 years and yet I could still hang out with them quiet happily and I’m sure that we’d still have a lot of fun. Sure, on Facebook we usually represent ourselves in a positive light and they might be terrible people, but I just don’t think so,lol

What inspired you this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

Please read my Blog post of If you do or watch anything this week“.