Somewhere in the World

I have the most random thought sometimes and I wondered about this particular one. Sometimes when I’m not busy at work, it only seems to be when I’m day dreaming at work.

Somewhere in the World…

  • Someone died today
  • Someone was born today
  • Someone was murdered today
  • Someone who once was lost, is now found (take that one however you want)
  • Someone was sick today
  • Someone pulled a “sickie” today (Sickie: Australian term: called into work to say they were sick, but they really are not sick).
  • Someone went into remission.
  • Someone found out they have Cancer.
  • Someone got married
  • Someone got divorced.
  • Someone moved.
  • Someone is renovating.
  • Someone had nothing happen to them, it was just a nice day.

Random Thoughts…

I am at a school and I am in a prime spot in the Library to watch all the cars and people outside go by and since here it’s the beginning of Spring, you can probably guess that I am not actually doing any of the school work that I came in too do. Instead here I am, thinking about you…

I can’t help it I let my mind drift off and think about you and what you might be doing right now. It’s such a gorgeous day and I’m sitting here wondering if you’ve finished work yet, are you even at work, or are you wrapped up lying on some grass having a picnic somewhere with some another girl. I can’t forgive for how you’ve treated me after everything, but I can’t stop thinking about you either. About everything that could and probably would have been…and how we would have never have wasted a day like today.

I don’t want you back and yet I miss so incredibly much that it still saddens my every waking moment and although the nightmares have seemed to have stopped. I still have that 5 minutes before I fall asleep where I still think of you and everything that we could have been. I miss you with every beat of my heart and yet there’s just no way that I could tell you or let you back into my life.

I look really pretty today, I can tell by the way the guys are staring at me, but I hate it when they do it…Don’t they know I’m yours? Oh wait…No, I’m not. Well the sun seems to be going down and it’s getting darker, so I guess that I should thinking about you and my thoughts become as dark as the evening that is coming.

I miss you ❤