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What is an Apath and why they are dangerous

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A lot of narcissistic can’t do the things they do, on their own. Just like Regina George, she had two friend who played the “Apath” game.

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What is an “Apath”?

An Apath is usually a friend, and most of the time, a mutual friend of a sociopath or some suffering from NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) and the victim of the NPD. Apath can also been known as the foot soldiers, or the flying monkeys of the person who has NPD. Apath’s tend not to care too much, or sometimes are not aware of what is going on. They just take the abuser at their word. When it starts to get bad, the Apath will take the side of the NPD, despite proof of the abuse.

Oh yes, friendships CAN be abusive.

Sometimes an Apath will go along with the abuse, as well as being the target of abuse, because they don’t want to, for whatever reasons, lose that relationship with the NPD. Apaths are used to normalise a persons toxic behaviour. They are usually not morally strong, have a low self esteem and are easily led. Even when the NPD or Sociopath insults the Apath, they don’t want to see the bad side.

The most frustrating and most detrimental part to being a Apath, is that by doing nothing. The Apath allows the toxic behaviour to continue.


I Like You…Because you are awesome!

Apparently Kanye West has trouble answering why he likes Trump SO much…

You know this guy…

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Seems to have trouble several times answering WHY he likes Trump…Even though he has actually been asked this question before. It should be THAT hard of a question. Even if he hadn’t before, it’s really not that hard of a question to answer, surely? The guy who said George Bush doesn’t care about black people. The guy who has a statement for literally EVERYTHING…Can’t talk?

I have never liked Kayne West, but damn, hopefully the African American community WILL care about his silence … My current pinned tweet on my Twitter account.

Dear The silence on a simple question IS deafening, your silence to a “leader” who dictates that NFL players HAVE to stand for the Anthem, while they die in the street by those who are supposed to protect IS deafening. Your silence IS your answer.

I should stop letting him get to me so much, but his silence IS dangerous!

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Things that Grinds my Gears

I just wanted to start this post off by saying that it’s a bit of a sensitive topic and probably a little controversial.


I hope Cee’s Photography┬áis having a fantastic break! I guess this post is like sharing a part of my world. This post will give you a little bit of an insight into how I think.

There is something that I would have to say is my “trigger”. If you don’t know what a trigger is, it’s really simple to understand. A trigger is a subject matter that no matter how good of a mood you are in, or how confident you are feeling. A trigger is something that makes you instantly upset and/or mad.

One of my triggers is when a woman will say something like that men cannot possibly be abused or raped, because they are bigger than us.

I can’t even begin to tell these women what is wrong with this statement, and how dangerous it is! I know for a fact and through personal experience that most men already have issues when it comes to expressing themselves and this is why the male suicide rate is so high. You don’t even have to be physically bigger to rape and abuse someone. They can be drugged, for example. How many times have we heard in rape cases of people being drugged and completely knocked out at the time? You can’t fight chemicals.

Highest Australian suicide rate in 13 years driven by men aged 40 to 44 – The Guardian (March 2016)

As for not being abused because men can just “fight back”. Yes, I guess that some probably could, but that is not how abuse works. Abusers of any gender don’t start by hitting someone straight away. Abusers will bring you down mentally and spiritually, most of the time you don’t even realise it’s happening. Not all men are bigger than us (not that that’s important). What about men who are in relationships with other men? What about men who were abused by family members when they’re little?

What made me the most saddest about this trigger was I saw these comments, which made me set off was on a Facebook page for White Ribbon. For those who don’t know who White Ribbon is, it’s a cause in Australia for stopping violence against Women. I am clearly for stopping violence against woman and children. This doesn’t mean though you can just say “it doesn’t happen to men, they don’t understand” because I guarantee they do. It saddens me to see someone say they’ve gone through being abused, but according to them men just don’t get it.

I guarantee they do.



I don’t usually post on a weekend, but there has been a situation that came to my attention and it has honestly disturbed me.

Now I get Johnny Depp has been around for years, is nice to look at and the character that he’s played are totally iconic…Does this make him a God, No…Does this make him perfect, Hell no! Who knows, maybe this was an once off incident…Does Amber deserve all the hate she’s been getting?


It disturbs me on a level that all these so called “women” are just hating on her and saying she’s making it up. I did think it was weird that it seemed to happen so quickly and it makes sense to me. It is dangerous all the hate being directed towards Amber Heard. It is completely irresponsible. I believe it’s also part of the reason why Women will never be taken seriously, how can we be? One “woman” I was arguing with had a Photoshop picture of herself with Prince, like a 12 year old. Yet, everyone took her side. What kind of grown ass woman has a Photoshop picture of herself? I used to do that when I was in high school.

How many of these ‘women’ were shocked by Bill Cosby, how many of them blamed the victim. How many of them were heart broken by Rolf Harris and his horrible continuing behaviours towards his victims.

We live in a modern age, it is time we stop worshipping these “celebrities” so much and find someone worthwhile to “worship”. Though I don’t think we should ever worship anyone.