Cutest Explosions.

I would like to end this week, with you and I, talking about the cutest things we’ve seen lately. Let’s try to brush off the horribleness of the week.

I was inspired to write this post after seeing the horribleness that is the UK’s BBC and the Tory Government. As well as Australia’s own Prime Minister, calling social media users as cowards. The same Prime Minister that went on “holiday” during our recent bush fires. Then when he came back, blamed his daughters.

Yesterday, while I was doing some supermarket/grocery shopping. I must say that I ADORE that awkward teenage flirting. At our local supermarket we have a trans youth girl check out person. Yesterday I saw her male teenager co-worker flirting with her. I was like (especially after I just seen the vileness from the BBC and Sussex Uni) I couldn’t stop looking, even though I should have. I also wanted to scream…YOU TWO ARE SO CUTE!!!

Don’t know what he is, but ain’t he adorable?

So, I don’t know how many of you are on Tik Tok…I am not, but I had a friend show me a lot of videos from this account “Sounds of the Forest”. She is lovely! Need a pick me up? Watch her…and she’s 26!

Even serious things, can some times be cute too!

Lil Dicky


Baby explosion!

So another quick #safarilive update and it is a really happy one…There has been an explosion of baby animals, mainly in the predator area.

We’ll start with the Queen of Djuma herself, Karula.

KarulaCharlotteKarulaCubTreeIntroducing to you Princess Charlotte (pic with her mum) and Prince George. Karula is probably one of the best mothers that there are out there. She has successfully raised all her litters, except for one and that was not her fault. The death of that particular cub brought in a new rule that no more than three cars can be in at one sighting of baby animals. If they are really new, there are to be NO cars what-so-ever.


The next to talk about the Nkuhuma lions! They’ve recently had three, roughly a month or two old, but the even cuter find was yesterday on the sunrise drive! Look at the gif below!

However the most exciting news is about the Styx Pride…Now we haven’t seen the Styx pride on the Safari Live drives. We have seen videos and pictures of the new little bundles. The Styx pride has probably been hit the hardest of all the prides in the area. They lost all of their cubs born last year, including a sub-adult female. Two lionesses…So it’s so good to hear that not only have the Styx have had cubs…They haven’t had just one or two…They have had…8…8 CUBS! 8 cubs how wonderful is that!

Big Dog, Little Dog

How gentle are these huge dogs with this little puppy?

Uploaded by: MuttshackAdoptions

Published on 23 Dec 2014

Cute puppy meets big dogs after escaping from its kennel area and one is more curious than the others – the Great Dane, Sasha. See what happens!

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Rats! That’s it really…Rats, so awesome!

I have completely stolen this from ““Cute Overload”” …(check them out for something to make you grin)

I am SUCH  a fan of Rats, I’ve had about 4 throughout my whole life and they are probably one of the most underestimated “pets” in the world. Clearly not those big wild rats, but Rats that are raised for being pets.

Uploaded by: Abby Roeser

Published on 16 Jul 2015

I train my pet rats using clicker training and positive reinforcement. Their favorite treats are cheerios, but they also enjoy working for dog treats, peas, and dinner left overs.

My rats are from various sources, if you are interested in getting pet rats, check local spca’s and rats rescues.