Thursday Theory – The Vlad Curse (Romania)

Source from Atlas of Cursed Places – Nat Geo

I am almost 100% sure that everyone who reads this will know who Vlad the Impaler is. Even if you don’t know who Vlad is, you will certainly have heard of one of the most famous mythical characters, based after him.

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Vlad the Impaler died (by decapitation). However, hundreds (roughly 600) of years later and after many years of many “curses”. It seems to be the people of Romania have developed, through genetics, to feel not as terrified as say other countries do.

#Itsinourblood – A popular hashtag in Romania.

Curses and Good Luck are strongly believed in the Romania culture. They do believe that after Vlad’s death, he put a curse on Romania. The Witches of Romania have been influential in the business of politics within Romania.

Photographer explores rituals and traditions of Romania’s modern witches

If you understand how DNA works. One part of DNA they believe can be put down to Hereditary factors. Which means, even though the plagues and floods and national tragedies happened in Romania, happened after Vlad. It is in Romania’s metaphorical “DNA” to deal with tragedies and disasters, in a much more calm matter. They’re much less fearful.

Romania is known as one of the most flood-prone countries in Europe. Floods killed 1,000 people in 1926; 215 people in 1970; 60 people in 1975; 108 people in 1991; and 33 people in 1995; 76 people in 2005; 21 in 2010. – Spark (elearning).

So even though, they do live near a river, and the floods. Basically every tragedy can be explained.

When Vlad was killed, he reportedly put a curse on Romania. Basarab Laiotă, who tried to defend his throne against Vlad with Ottoman support. Vlad despised and hated the Ottoman Empire. Vlad and his younger brother, Radu, were held as hostages in the Ottoman Empire in 1442 to secure their father’s loyalty.

Vlad is a hero the Romania people, and they fear him and still believe that he had cursed the lands…to this day!


Funny Fact 13th Friday Mummy Wrap-Up

In case you had missed it…Today is Friday 13th…FRIDAY THE 13TH PEOPLE!!! Watch out for black cats, broken mirrors and just to make sure thrown some salt over your left shoulder! This is the only Friday the 13th ALL year!

Here’s Why Friday the 13th Is Considered Unlucky (Time online)

(Article written by Melissa Chan)

The origin of why Friday the 13th is considered unlucky is believed to originated from the Middle ages and has a biblical beginning, with some believing that Friday the 13th was the day were Eve ate the apple given to her by the snake.

On Friday October 13th 1307 Philip IV of France arrested hundreds of the Knights Templar..

Even before Christ though, the number 13 was considered “unlucky”. There are 12 months of the year, 12 gods of Olympus, 12 hours of the clock, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 Apostles of Jesus, 12 Descendants of Muhammad Imams, among many other patterns, historically.

Scientists have even noticed an increase in hospital visits on Friday 13th. Although this could be stemmed from people being more paranoid on a Friday the 13th than other days. We all know what happens when someone becomes more anxious and paranoid than usual.

Friday the 13th: How did it come about and why are we afraid of it? (The Telegraph:UK)

During more modern times a lot of movie makers have their horrors films come out on Friday the 13th, or at least the week of Friday the 13th’. So are you, my readers, into horror films? Which ones are your favourites? Even the scary films that I can watch, I tend to watch them from my behind my hands, if you know what I mean,lol