I am alone at a Crossroads

I hate to great you all this morning with such a depressing post. I must also start with saying that I actually scheduled this post, I’m writing this on Tuesday evening to be posted on Thursday. Mainly because my brain is so fuzzy on this Tuesday evening, I want to reread to make sure this makes sense.

So there was three jobs I went for, all three I actually wanted, the selection criteria for these jobs meant that I wrote 6 pages for each. I got no where, no interview, nothing…One that actually made me angry, was a job I got offered a couple of months ago, casual work, but I could just not get there. Yet, somehow I can’t even get an interview for the exact same job at a different Library, but within the same council? I haven’t had an interview for a Library job in nearly two years now!

So once again, I’m stuck. I actually really like my job, but its just not stable. There was a while back where I had no shifts for three weeks. I can’t really afford to do that.

So what do I do know? Do I even bother anymore? I was always told that one you have a job, it’s easier to get another one, not for me it seems. I actually did consider moving interstate at one point, I live in the state with the highest unemployment rate, but I can’t anymore, cause my partner doesn’t want too.