Like music to my ears

Captain Marvel delivers a perfect answer to her trolls

This articles says exactly what I’m thinking, very literally in some parts.

Captain Marvel has been doing so well all over the world and at the box office, absolutely smashing through what her “critics” said. I don’t if you all heard about Rotten Tomatoes, “men” who hadn’t even seen the movie didn’t like what Brie Larson had been saying. They thought putting the movie down on Rotten Tomatoes, would somehow make the film fail? They did the same thing to Black Panther. Didn’t work then, didn’t work now. Isn’t going to work little MRA’s. It got so bad that Rotten Tomatoes have NOW taken the steps to make sure that people can’t review a movie before it’s actually released.

Captain Marvel hit by online trolls – But Disney was ready

Smile, trolls…You’ll look so much prettier.


I love my Fantasy

If you had read from last week, my partner and I went on a bit of a movie marathon over the weekend and it was great and it also was really interesting. Usually seeing one movie apart I don’t usually get to compare themes or acting ability or even really see if I like one genre more than the other. Once seen one and then maybe the next month or even the next week, I’ll forget how the previous one made me feel.

I am one of the people who just never listens to the critics, if I want to go and see the movie, I will go and see it. I would suggest that others do the same, never listen to the critics, if it’s something you’ve been wanting to see, go and see it. Let’s face it, unless the movie is some hard hitting, deep, meaningful plot…The critics are going to not like it. I don’t know how they stay in their jobs personally.

The two movies that I saw were Warcraft: The Beginning and Independence Day: Resurgence.

To begin, I realised how much I just love Fantasy films, they just hold my attention more than other genre’s of film. That’s not to say that I didn’t like Independence Day, I did, it was felt much more of a cliche of the original. I would suggest that you see it out on film, just so the enormity of the action and aliens are not wasted on a little screen.