You might just be in an echo chamber.

One of the reasons I don’t block people straight up (unless they are particularly horrible) is because, unlike Joe Rogan, I am willing to hear “bad things” about myself. Because you know, I might actually learn something. Of course getting the clown emoji has happened to myself so many times, I always ask why now. Personally, I don’t think they actually know why, they just react.

But, what’s makes me different to someone like Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson, who don’t listen to criticism about themselves. You don’t learn, and you compound it by only surrounding yourself with people who only agree with you. Well there’s no hope for you.

That’s what an echo chamber is. You surround yourself with only people who tell you how are fantastic you are and never question you.

This is what happens on Facebook and Twitter a lot.

Like take for example the trans community. Pretty much every “first world country” cept the UK Government, and Texas. The majority of woman support trans women. It’s hard to see that with Johnson, or the BBC etc. But every single time something important comes out, women support them. It’s the men who don’t. So when I see a bigot say that FEMALE Prime Minister’s are pandering to men, ask them “How is she pandering to men, when men don’t support trans people”?

I don’t know about you all, I find that not agreeing with men, isn’t very “pandering” to them, lol.


What are you?

I don’t know if any of you heard or even listened to that conversation between Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson, I watched about a minute of it and I honestly cracked up.

The “leaders” of “Free Speech” so Rogan, Tucker Carlson … DON’T READ ABOUT ANY CRITCISM OF THEMSELVES.

Like it made SO much stuff about a lot of things about these two, but it also still blew my mind. If only we all had the privilege’s of having staff going through our things to block all the criticism. So you never ever have to improve yourself, so you never have to ask yourself …

Am I the problem?

So you never have that lightbulb moment.

Of course you seem free Tucker Carlson, if I never had to question myself, I’d probably be that free too!lol

We’d all be THAT free.

No wonder Tucker Carlson always looks like a stunned potato, he’s literally NOT listening.

Personally I embrace CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. “You’re shit” is not criticism. If you can tell me I’m shit and then explain why to my satisfaction, yeah I’ll take that.

I still can’t get over that my comments were insulting, but never told WHY they were insulting, and doesn’t that just then make it a point of view, from someone else’s perspective. How am I supposed to improve on that, when I don’t think I was? I was angry, but I don’t think I was insulting.

I have been lied to me, about me, to my face by family members and ex best friends. So you are all going to have to come up with something better than “you were rude”.

I can’t say that I was totally surprised by Joe Rogan’s “revelations”, but it is still is blowing my mind. You can’t seriously sit there and tell me that these are not two of the biggest babies on the planet, who don’t like getting their ‘little’ egos to get boo boo’s. Seriously, how is he not embarrassed by that?

Put Up or Shut Up!

Oh god, I am SO over entitled angry nerds!

For some reason, my partner decided to watch this guy who was rambling on about how the next Star Wars film had better make over $800 million and that the fans have warned them…Blah, blah, blah. Warned them…What?

Whatcha gonna do? Kill them? People are going to go and see these movies. They may not be as popular as the 70’s but you know what? So they shouldn’t be either! I think film makers are getting lazy these days.

But it just makes me angry that these angry nerds, do threats like that. Do they not even know how entitled they sound? I get not liking stuff, I don’t even really any of the newer Star Wars, but I wouldn’t go around saying “I’ve warned you”. If you think you can do better, than GO AND DO IT! Instead of whining from behind a screen, go and make a screen! … So to speak.

I literally had to ask my partner to turn it off, it sounded so whiny!

The world is starting to and definitely feels like it’s falling apart all around us and they are threatening film makers, because they wont go and do it themselves? At one point he was mad because he felt the last Directors (of course mainly angry at the female Directors *rolls eyes*) Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy wont apologise…

…For what, exactly?

Just because you choose not like something, does not mean, angry little nerds, that you are then owed an apology? I certainly didn’t expect after the disaster that was Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith…I mean they made “Darth Vader” probably the most well known villain in movie History, a whiny teenager -.- Now THAT was a disaster!

Did I send hate though? No? Was I still able to tell people I didn’t like it? Yes…Did I still go to the other films…Yes =D

Star Wars No GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

So too all those angry nerds…Make this the year or either put up…or it’s time to shut up!

It’s hard being Green

I just felt like that was an appropriate title, rather than just saying “It’s hard being me”…Because although some days it is, I am SO lucky.

Anyways, completely off subject…If you are a apart of the gaming community, you have probably heard of the seriously bad overreaction people have been having over the latest “Mass Effect” game. To break it down simply, one the animators for the new game is a women, and not the only animator for the game. Even before the game has been released, people are already complaining about the animations. However, these comments have not just been plain criticism, threats, accusations of how she got her job in the first place.

Scumbags harass Woman for working on Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Animation.

Gamer’s have a really bad reputation and this situation kind of proves why girls and women just don’t want to know about the whole thing. That makes me sad, because I love to game. It’s a stereotype I really want to see go, but then again I guess, I just want that kind of attitude to go, period.

Harassment is NOT criticism.