I got the Cov

I finally got it, well my partner got it and then I SWEAR that he gave it too me. This is not day zero though, this is day 5.

I’ve been doing a lot better than my partner. I only seem to have had a slight stuffy nose that lasted for about two-three nose, and the first couple of days. I was also a tad bit achy. My partner thought he may have had COVID because he was coughing, a lot. Which he doesn’t normally get when he gets a cold/flu.

That was literally the only reason he tested himself. I’m lucky I don’t work on Fridays anymore! I thought I had a runny nose because of the cold weather. I would have completely gone to work.

Mask up and vaccinate people, if you can! I am definitely getting the 4th booster when I can. I may have to get the flu one first, but I am getting that fourth one.


The new normal?

I initially was going to write this about COVID and are we already for a new COVID, as it starts too get back to some sort of normalcy. Now the cat has passed away, kind of unexpectedly. Having a “new normal” sort of has a different meaning again.

So I guess what I want to ask/talk about with you. What would you like your “new normal” too look like? When it wasn’t just the cat passing. I thought that during the “new normal” period, one thing I am looking forward too, is better hygiene. Before COVID, it never occurred to me to think about it, generally. Like you always do the norm, wash your hands, yawn with your mouth closed.

Now though, I am more aware of what I’m doing, rather than just, you know, doing, lol.

I take better care of my hygiene, like instead of just expecting all the dirt to come off in the shower. I actually look at my hands, my nails and I even take better care of my feet! I have always sneezed into my elbow, so that wont change for me, lol. Things like washing your hands may take longer, but it’s only like 30 seconds – 1 minute longer. I extra clean things now. I don’t go hypochondriac overboard, but I do a little bit more cleaning. Say before, unless I felt something touch my hands. When I’d take the bin out, it didn’t even occur to me that I should wash my hands. Now I get some hand sanitiser, and clean my hands, even if nothing touched it. You don’t always know what’s touched your hands.

As for the kitty, I’m still not out of the routine, I mean it has only been 48 hours since he passed. I have had several moments, where I thought that he was in the room. I am having literal pains, which was not like Pippy at all. I couldn’t stop crying with Pippy, with Travie it’s been random crying and literal stomach pains. I am not enjoying this “new” kind of grieving

You’d think after Trump…

After COVID, Rittenhouse, after George Floyd and BLM, more people would understand that you CAN’T change a bigots mind.

Doesn’t matter how polite you are, or how rude you are. You just can’t. There are just to many platforms, and powerful people with the resources to stop, but they choose not to get involved, or they just sit back and let it flourish.

It’s like that saying, you earn respect, it’s just not given to you. That’s how I choose to see bigots. If you choose to constantly spread lies, propaganda and misinformation about groups, and no one does anything to stop it. Me being “polite” wont change that, lol. Everyone keeps telling me that I need to be polite to these bigots. Now I have seen these people be polite to bigots, and what happens? Nothing, absolutely nothing. They don’t change their minds, they just use your own posts to spread their bigotry’s further.

Let me put it into a simple perspective. We began to realise that people like Trump and Rowling were getting “We loves you”, at least every 5 minutes, whenever they tweeted something on Twitter sometimes it would be every two minutes. TWO people are getting “I love yous” said to them, more in ONE tweet, than most people will hear during an entire life time. You think they’re going to “change their minds” to eradicate groups of people with that aphrodisiac? You have to be a VERY self-confident person to reject that, and bigots are not. That’s why their bigots, they fear easily.

I don’t want COVIDiots too die…You can’t learn anything when you’re dead.

I DO mourn when they die from COVID, because I am BETTER than them.

Also when someone dies, what do they learn? Nothing. They are GONE, they can’t learn anything when they’re dead.

I watched my Grandfather die slowly and scarily from emphysema, trust me. You don’t want that death on your worst enemy.

The amount of anti-vaxers video’s I have seen, where they are pleading with people to get the vaccinations, as they die. Yes, it is incredibly annoying and completely selfish of them. But, again, you can’t learn anything when you are dead. They have family and friends, who probably were telling them to get vaccinated. But between Trump, the media misinformation, Johnson, Morrison, Fox “News”.

It’s why I’m against the death penalty. Too be fair though, there are some people on this planet who deserve it and have actually asked for it, BUT, that is a small minority and they still have family and friends who love them. Some people are just plain psychopaths. But the way I feel about say Rosemary West a FEMALE abuser, rapist and murderer, is different from COVIDiots.

Just a reminder as well, that CHILDREN, toddlers and babies…Youth…Have died from COVID, the majority had unvaccinated parents. Do not wish and do not not mourn a COVID death. Honestly, Joe Rogan could die from COVID, I would still be sad. It’s an unnecessary death.

Do it because YOU are better than them!

I love this man, lol…This isn’t just about America either, this is for every single individual one of us.

President Obama America GIF by Obama - Find & Share on GIPHY


The reason I call this post “sorry” is because I am about to talk about COVID…Mainly in my state.

Australia in general was doing pretty okay, except for the NSW. Now some people from Sydney will say that it was “rude” to “make” Gladys Berejiklian (Former NSW Premier) step down during the middle of an outbreak, which she actually caused, lol. Ever since, the cases have been on the rise. Berejiklian wasn’t “forced” to step down, and she didn’t step down because of the COVID. She CHOOSE to step down over corrupt charges dating back from and before the end of 2020.

Now, the Federal Government forced open international borders, just before Christmas. Whether states wanted them or not. So now, each state and Territory, are in the midst of the worst outbreaks of COVID each state and Territory have had since the beginning. The Northern Territory went into it’s first lockdown two days ago.

There were business owners, in my state, who were complaining that the Government needed to open up the borders, so people will shop in their businesses during Christmas. Now, these exact same business owners are COMPLAINING that the Government opened up businesses (not that they were closed to begin with, mind you) too early and people wont come into their shops now, because we’re having major out break problems. Within two weeks, the same people were complaining, with no irony what they had said JUST two weeks ago! My mum saw the articles in the Advertiser, which is a Murdoch owned newspaper. So my mum’s cancelled it. She kept meaning too, but things kept happening, lol.

Also in my State, during the previous outbreaks and lockdowns. That’s how my States actually started to deliver grocery food shopping. Which has been really successful, and very popular. So you can imagine my surprise, when I was throwing up sick yesterday and all the grocery delivery services I use, aren’t being used. Luckily my sickness isn’t COVID, it was just food poisoning. But if you have COVID, or symptoms, or have been a close contact, you have to isolate and you cant get into shops until you’re negative. That was the BIGGEST reason why grocery delivery was so popular. This time though, we’re not even in a lockdown and the closest grocery delivery I could get, is on this coming Tuesday!

It has been nearly two since COVID first hit. HOW are they still getting it wrong so much?!

Oh, and for a little more info:

Rapid Antigen Test pricing worldwide:

Thailand Free – $2.00

India – $2.00

Switzerland AUD$4.00

Germany €1.00 – €5.00

Spain €2.50

Portugal €2.50 at restaurants

France free at restaurants

Cambodia AUD$2.50

Singapore free

UK free

US free

NZ free

Australia $45.00


The best advice…stay calm

*Kitty still not home, but trying to distract myself*

That’s it.

When it comes to COVID and Omicron, stay calm.

Listen to the health and medical experts. Don’t necessarily follow what journalists say. Don’t listen to the news. Consider what the politicians say, but take their information and then see what the health and experts say.

We were getting through COVID (well some of us), and we can get through Omicron too.

Number 2 people! Number two!

Well, by the time you read this…I will actually be sleeping still, haha.

However, when I wake up in a couple of hours, I will be heading out to get my final vaccination shot!

I can’t actually remember how much I wrote about my first one, but I told very few people how it went. That’s because, like I am perfectly fine now…Saturday, Sunday and Monday when I got the first one. I felt horrible! Funny enough though, I got my flu Immunisation roughly over a week before. The arm that I got the flu one in, hurt for a lot longer. I felt so sexy, lol

But everyone is different experiences, so I am preparing myself this time. Make sure I’ve enough pain medication, make sure I’ve got easy food to make quickly. I love my partner, but he is utterly useless, lol.


After being completely humiliated this weekend, by my Aunt going to one of those “Freedom” “Protests” and her sign being completely and utterly wrong.

Here is a list of things that are simply simple.

  • Masks are not 100% perfect. Nothing else is either, they reduce the RISKS of getting COVID, or a flu, of spreading a disease or virus. I would say all businesses have to do a risk assessment, every so often. Does it stop accidents 100%? No, but that’s why you do a risk assessment, to reduce the risk. I don’t see the “Freedom Protestors” fighting those.
  • Let’s see, Rowling has defended Depp, Manson. She’s been quiet about a pregnant women, who was sacked from her production, for being pregnant and quiet about how a previous Fantastic Beasts actor is in jail for sexually assaulting an women. If that’s how one “protects women” … better the devil you know.
  • Anyone else noticed that the same people who said that Rittenhouse was not too emotional to travel borders with a gun (any gun), to a protest. Where he ultimately killed two people. Are the same people who say that people his age, are too emotional to understand their own body?
  • You absolutely have a choice to be vaccinated or not. If you chose not too, then be it on your head. But you absolutely have a choice, no one is forcing anyone to do anything. There was a news article in the 80’s (I believe) of when seats belts were first made Law. They were complaining about being “controlled” by the Government, then too. It’s a virus, it doesn’t care about your “rights” or your feelings, it’s not human, it’s a virus.

1980s video of people furious about seatbelt law has jarring parallels with today’s anti-vaxxers

If you wont do it for the humans … Do it for the animals! <3 FACE Foundation Rise in Pet Heart Inflammation Cases Linked to Covid Infection — FACE Foundation Blog

Veterinarians have been noticing an uptick in the number of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) cases in pet dogs and cats, which has been making news recently. Investigation into these cases has shown that in many instances, this heart condition in pets developed after contact with owners who tested positive for Covid infection. A […]

Rise in Pet Heart Inflammation Cases Linked to Covid Infection — FACE Foundation Blog