Frary…Magical Monday #5

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What I want to ask you, my dear followers. If you have a favourite fictional couple. Can be any couple from any fictional world…Book, Movie, tv series.

I have three that I just adore. I don’t know why, but I loved Frary from the “Reign” tv series. They just en-captured the whole tragic romance for me. I also really like tragic romances,lol.

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One of the others is Rogue and Gambit from X-Men. Can I just say that I hated what the movies did to Rogue’s character. Hated it. I guess it’s kind of my “trend” with tragic romances. I can’t actually stand romantic comedies. I’m sorry, but too me, they’s just boring and most of the time, predictable. The closest I get to enjoying an romantic comedy is “Love Actually”.

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My last favourite couple (in no particular order though) is Mufasa and Sarabi from “The Lion King” which the box office is saying that it is killing it!

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I mean…would you look at these two. I would love to see a movie about their life together, before Simba. Although it’s all “fine” in the Lion King…Right up until Mufasa dies of course…Clearly there were tensions at least between Mufasa and Scar.


I wish upon wish…Pt2

Last week I wrote about couples that you “ship” or wish were together. You can read about it here. How about those characters/couples though, we wish were NOT together?

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I was inspired to write this post when the wedding of this new “celebrity” couple kept coming up, not as much as I thought it might…and I was glad of that. No, it’s not the Beibers … Biebers? Although I don’t like them either. Here a few of mine:

  • Ron and Hermione. (without a thought).
  • Tessa and Jem
  • Chakotay and Seven of Nine…Sorry, but I just don’t see it.

I wish upon wish…

So I am going to try and make these last couple of weeks of posts, a little bit more fun. It’s not been a great year for anyone really. So lets go out with some fun!

“Ship” or “Shipping” in the ‘nerd’ world does not have anything to do with actual ships. It’s where you “ship” two characters together, they can come from the anywhere “Nerdomhood”. Televisions shows, comics, movies, books. Who have not gotten together for whatever reasons…So do you have any characters that you wish were together? I’ll list a couple of mine:

  • Captain Janeway and Chakotay
  • Tessa and Will…If you’ve read the book, you’ll get it…Because they do “get together” but there’s a twist.
  • DS Camille Bordey and DI Richard Poole

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It’s all about love? Or is it?

The unhealthiest relationships in fiction

I found this article and it was so interesting because I had never realised how much I’ve read of watch these movies and television shows that have had so many unhealthy relationships in them. Or how many people I know that may worships these relationships. Even in the comments, because apparently there are so many unhealthy relationships in fiction. They’re is a whole debate going on about Romeo and Juliet…They were some how left out of the list.

How many of you are in love with these relationships?

I don’t think it necessarily equals in our own personal lives we have unhealthy relationships. I think a lot of us want these fictional relationships to work, I think it gives us a sense of a peace or it can give us a piece of disruption.

Time Warp…

This is such a sweet news article and I just had to share it…”Australia’s oldest couple sell time warp Mosman home after 76 years

In 1938 this couple bought the only home (at the time) in the suburb of Mosman. They bought it so many years ago that it was in the same year as Sydney held the “Commonwealth Games” but it was also known back then as “The Empire Games”. This was during a time when a average family home cost around $1000 and a loaf of bread was only a sixpence.

Tom and Jean, the owners of the house, are both over a 100 years old, and while they are both very much alive and kicking. They can no longer take care of their own home and are moving into a nursing home. The amazing thing about this house is that it still has the same fittings and the same furniture from when they first moved in. The house is in complete pristine condition and looking at the pictures you would think you have taken a step back in time.

The other thing that stood out to me reading this article was when they asked him about giving any advice about marriage. Tom replied with “I don’t really think I can give them advice but I don’t think people stick at marriage anymore,’’ he said…Wise words I think…