One month to go!


One month until it’s Christmas Eve!

Can you freaking believe it! Haha

My new job means that I am working right up until Christmas Eve, but here in my state of Australia, Thursdays are late night shopping. The 23rd is a Thursday, so that’ll be the night I get all the vouchers, and I SHOULD be ready then. I’ve got three pays until Christmas Eve. Including tomorrow =D I’ve already bought the BIG presents for each person, I buy the BIG Christmas presents for.

My usual “thing” is, 3 presents for:





With that, I like to buy them all one big thing. Usually with my Mum, she faffs about so much, I can’t get her something big. Like, I always make sure I ask, even in a roundabout away. My partner, really loves Lego Technic. So, I’ve gone through with him, some of the Lego Technics that are out, but he doesn’t know which one I got him.

With my Secret Santa present on my Mum’s side, if I can afford it. I will get all three presents. We usually ask for three things.

And then, the rest … I start putting money, even $10, away from the start of June!

Do you have “rules” or things you do to get your Christmas presents?