I am pretty over being told that I have to be polite to bigots, and people who for two years now don’t care if I die, or anyone I love or like dies either. You know when I see someone say that now, I ask “how’s it going for you”?

Look, if I think someone is talking to me in good faith, I can’t be pleasant enough. Facts are these days with the lack of accountability, people just don’t care. The people who do care, already do care. There’s a saying that when some people I talk too, who already “get it”. You say that you’re “preaching to the converted”.

I just recently got someone kicked off of Twitter for saying and I quote “they hope attacks against trans people increases”. Does that sound like someone whose going to change their mind if I’m polite too them? How does someone like exist on Twitter? Because until that day, I didn’t know they existed. =D

There’s a lot of people who ask me why an Aunts family keep doing what they do. It’s simple, no one SAYS anything too them. Every time my mum comes back from a night with them. She always says “they’re so weird and stupid and wrong” and I ask her “Well what did you say to them”.

Nothing…Again, but yet people cannot figure out WHY my Aunts family is so weird and stupid and always wrong. You don’t need to be a Scientist to figure that one out. Why would they think they’re weird and stupid and always wrong, when everyone treats them like their right. That’s just stupid, lol


26…Someone you got to meet

I didn’t actually get to meet them, but I was lucky enough to attend a session where they were talking. I still cannot believe to this day, that I was THAT lucky, just to be in the same room as them. I have been lucky enough to be in the same room as BOTH the Dalai Lama AND Stephen Fry. The reason I am writing about both of them instead of one, is because their minds are incredible and the way they view the world, is the same way that I view the world too. Although I am little kinder to religions than Stephen Fry is.

Even saying though, one of the things he mentioned was that he doesn’t HATE religion, but he doesn’t think we need so much anymore and that there is nothing wrong with having a religion, just don’t be an extremist. Religions have caused a lot of problems over the thousands of years, but that is because of way, as human beings, we tend to interpret things. Too make right for own own causes.

Conservation Work

As you would probably expect watching a live safari drive web live ( the conversation about conservation comes up. How much money it costs to run a conservation park, why can’t we all win the lottery. I hate that I have all these ideas and yet I don’t have the skills or the knowledge, or the backing to set something up. Especially when it comes to conservation work, I think animals deserve to be here more a lot more than we do.


  • One idea is to make plushies, mainly of endangered animals and each plushie that is purchased you give the money to conservation.
  • Making fantasy type jewellery with all of the African wildlife on it.