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Video Gamers need to grow up. If you like Nintendo, fine, Sony, fine, or Microsoft, fine. Just stop belittling others who like something different. If you do not like the others, fine, just have fun. That is what games are for. OK, I am done. Lol

via End the Console Wars! — Transempowerment

(This! Just this! Yes I am also aware I have been sharing a lot of posts this week rather than writing my own,lol)


What’s your favourite?

With the release of the new Nintendo switch (which roughly around $300, depending where you live). It got me thinking about consoles in general and what people prefer playing their games on.

Nintendo hooked me as a kid. Can the switch win over my son? CNet.com/au

 I mainly play on my PC and it isn’t really a gaming laptop either (those can easily cost upwards of $2000).It does the job though. Sometimes I think of getting another laptop so I can just have games on it and nothing else.

Then there’s my xbox 360 and I love it! I got it as a xbox 360 bundle and as I got it in a special Star Wars bundle. the console i R2D2 and the controller is C3PO. It’s great! It’s one of the reasons I still have not gotten an xbox 360 one, because I love the one that I have now.