Consent IS the point!

I could be wrong, for myself, personally…MeToo isn’t just about rape…Just like feminism isn’t about women ruling over men. It’s about everything that people have experienced, sexual assault wise. I have not been raped, I have been sexually assaulted. Ironically by a friend who was “hugging”me and the hugging got out of control. Ever since I always felt uncomfortable with hugging. Mainly by the opposite gender to myself. Logically I know that most people are not out to “get me” so-to-speak.

Hence, why one should never judge someone else. I feel uncomfortable, even though I know most guys are not out to hurt me. I got frustrated with people mocking those women who said that they felt crept out by Joe Biden, because I am one of them. Not, that I’ve been hugged by Biden, but…you know what I mean.

Even his own wife was one of them at a time. Joe Biden’s hands-on habits made even Jill Biden uncomfortable. I am pretty sure that she doesn’t hate him.

Not everyone enjoy hugs, but everyone can make us feel like we’re weird if we don’t. I saw one person say that how dare people not do common courtesy anymore ie, how dare people say hugging is weird. How about some common courtesy for those who just don’t enjoy hugs? Who just don’t enjoy being touched? Why is it alright to make fun of those who don’t enjoy being hugged/touched, but not alright to tell people that we don’t like being touched/hugged? How is it common courtesy to force people into a situation where they don’t feel comfortable?

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Confusion, #MeToo and the Message

I am so confused right now. When BK went for Supreme Court, it wasn’t okay to say that Dr Ford was only doing it for political reasons. Biden is considering, not actually running, it’s alright to accuse these women of the same things that Trump supporters were doing to Dr Ford? Then when a Trump supporters gets accused of sexual harassment, everyone is suddenly with the whole sympathetic “Well he was in power, so she couldn’t say anything” When it’s a Democratic “Why didn’t she say anything?” Then there’s the whole overreaction with Democratic sayings “well I’m not hugging people anymore” GOOD, that’s the point!

I have no problem with people unfollowing me who use MeToo as an excuse against people they don’t like.

The MeToo message is getting so twisted.

What infuriates me as well, are celebrities (both men AND women) who are mocking these women by saying “Oh, no more hugging at signing or conventions” Clearly have no grasp of reality. Consent touching is a HUGE topic at conventions. They are literally posting out warnings and flyers to people who are thinking of going to conventions, and about getting Cosplayers, in particular, consent to hug and/or touch them first.


If I had made someone feel uncomfortable, I would be horrified…Not justified.

I was so glad that Biden came out and talked about it. I actually really like Biden, but I always felt the sniffing hair was creepy and I honestly was just waiting for it.

MeToo is for everyone, not just for who is more popular, or who is more unpopular.

Let’s talk about body language…

Never assume her silence is consent. Sometimes women learn the hard way of what it means to freeze in the face of danger. It’s a learned habit, sometimes even when no danger is present. Body language can speak a thousand words. There is a difference between consent and vacancy. Never assume her silence is consent. […]

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Pleas read, it’s important! This is one of the reasons I love my partner SO much. When I hurt my leg a while back I felt like I still had to have the “deed”done, even though my leg was in massive pain. One of the sad things about being cheated on in every single relationship I suppose, you feel like you have to be constantly satisfying your partner =/. However, my partner noticed my wincing, he noticed the stiffen up. So he stopped. For that I am forever grateful!

Tea and Consent – YouTube

I saw this on my Facebook feed (you can still find some interesting topics on there…sometime ~.^) If you don’t mind I am going to go and have a cup of tea, because I want too ~.^

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Published on 27 Oct 2015

Consent – it’s as simple as tea!

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