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I am currently having a give away, and it’s all for YOU, my wonderful readers. It’s for a $50 (aud) gift certificate for a book shop of your choice. *Competition not affiliated with Goodreads, WordPress or Discord*

The giveaway is for A $50.00 (AUD) book voucher!

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Nurture Thursday – Competition

Nurt Thurs – Competition

I decided to refer this to a Halloween type Nurture this week. What I am going to write about for “Competition” is about costumes. Every year, I always see these one kind of memes, especially when it comes to girls/women and their costumes.

Generally ones that are like

“Slutty” Girls vs “Nerdy” Girls or

“Other” girls vs me

What I am trying to write is, dress up how ever YOU want too! You want dress with a costume that shows all the curves, do it. If you want to dress as a favourite character, that may not show as many curves, do it, or one big curve (haha). I’ve always found Halloween to be a time, when you can be who you want to be, who you’ve always wanted to see what it might be like. Put that mask on, put that “costume” on, be who you WANT to be.


I’m not giving anything away, but Storiarts are! I LOVE their products so much and since a lot of my readers are fans of the reading too…I’m posting this so you can enter too! I have posted in on my Discord channel under a new section for such competitions. I’ve posted the two links below:

https://wn.nr/64q68j – Storiarts Link

International Book Friends – Discord Book Competitions 


I have joined the world of “Instagram”…It’s not so much I’ve “given in”, it’s more than I can win gift vouchers on there for the clothing stores that I am really in love with.

Instagram is so much different from all the other social media sites out there because you are pretty much trying to express yourself through pictures and photos. I am not an expert photographer so it’s making for an interesting time. I’ve gotten a few followers and have no idea how to get more, so any advice would help me out so much. I’m not sure if the more followers you have, the more chance you have at winning competitions.

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Magical Friends

I have pretty much missed a decent time frame for ‘Fact Friday’, the last couple of weekends have just been so full that I’ve had to spend the last couple of Fridays setting up and getting ready for the weekend. Next Friday should be different though, because it will be a quiet weekend.

For this edition of Magic Monday I thought that I would would write about the elusive and rare creature, the genuine best female friend. Women are a generally competitive creature and although they could, in fact, rule the world. They spend most of the time trying to destroy one another. There does seem however to be a sub-group to a group situation, where in a large group, there will be a smaller group of generally 3-4 girls who seem to genuinely care for one another. This small group of women will often integrate into each other’s life’s so much that actually become a part of your family.

When this small group come together much planning and discussion takes place, which leaves all parties involved more listened to and more happier. Like they could take on the world. How these women cannot figure out if they could just come together instead of trying to hurt one another is still one of life’s biggest mysteries.

sex and the city, soulmates