Thursday Theories – The TERFs are not okay

Last week, they were harassing a Scottish rape crisis center. Their excuse? They were sexual assaults’ victims once. This harassment was led by “For Women” Scotland.

And now this week …

For those who cannot see it, “For Women” Scotland decided to tweet how the Taliban “understood” how sex works … Well …

Also in this week of “TERF News” Keira Bell outed herself as a anti-vaxxer. For those who don’t know who Keira Bell is, she sued Tavistock and made it so those under 16 can’t do anything about transitioning, she is a de transitioner. However, the irony being that. She fought for this Law that would mean, if she started at the age she started now, she would still be able to go through the process. She started to transition at 16.

Then I came this on Facebook, which I personally think it’s a lovely idea. The day that hateful bigots are respectful of others human beings will be the day that hell freezes over, lol ❤❤❤ Quiet frankly it’s nobody else’s business BUT the person who chooses to use this services. We’ve got a global pandemic, the horribleness in Afghanistan and people want to focus on this lovely service?

What this service do is photoshop pictures essentially, mainly for trans people. They photoshop pictures to make yourself look a little more to the gender you affirm with from your childhood, so you know, school photos, graduation photos etc. Basically it’s a service for GROWN UPs, that affects no one else’s life, quiet literally, except for the people paying for the service.

I don’t know how many of you will get this saying … Oh my god, it was really hard to find a picture of gif of a mask slipping???!!!lol

I am so over the transphobes. Like SO over them. There are SO many more important things, that are actual problems right now, without them making up a problem.



I can’t believe that I’ve missed this!

I am a HUGE Marvel fan and I do have to say that I am enjoying them a lot more than the DC series…Even though I love both the different worlds. (Harley Quinn is my favourite).

The Marvel movies just seem to be that little more “extra”. As someone pointed out, Marvel have been taking years to do their movies, whereas DC are coming out all at once. Even with the little extra bits that Marvel give you during the end credits, it just makes it a little more ‘special’.

Are you a DC or a Marvel fan? Are you enjoying one set of movies over the others, or are you enjoying them pretty much the same? Or do you just flat out hate one, or both?