I didn’t actually say that

In a world of people talking at each other, rather than too and with each other. I am constantly laughing at the people who say too me “I hope you’re happy to be so self-righteous” or as my mother yelled at me “SORRY WE CANT ALL BE PERFECT LIKE YOU, LAUREN”. Everything is like “fine” with my mum by the way, she keeps saying things that I’ve said, but I haven’t. For example, she keeps saying too me “I know how you wanted to do everything yourself”. I have NEVER said this. Not knowing what to do for the wedding, is not the same as not wanting people to help. She used to have a go and say that people kept asking her about the wedding and she had nothing to tell them and I’m like “And?. Tell them nothings been decided yet”. Me not having everything ready to go the moment my partner proposed, means nothing.

I don’t for a moment, think that I’m either self righteous or perfect. I just believe that spreading fear about life saving pet/animal medications is unnecessary, especially when a Vet is the one asking you not too. I don’t think I’m perfect because I think that my mother has no rights over my wedding, and that its insane to me that my immediate family actually think they do have rights over my wedding and expected me too change everything for my brother, who didn’t have the respect to say anything to anyone.

I was inspired to write this after I said to a TERF, again, was going on about how you can’t change biological sex “Can you pretty pretty please, tell us what a woman is, without reducing us to our ovaries'”. Instead of getting a sensible answer, all I got was “You believe that people can pick and choose what sex parts they want”.

Yep, that is exactly what I said, I believe that people are Mr Potato Head’s, picking and changing what our body parts are.


Too the UK

I don’t know what you think you were doing, but it was all wrong and just felt “icky”.

All weekend, hours before the Coronation took place the Met Police were taking people’s placards, taking rape whistles off of women. It was just bizarre.

Quiet frankly it was very disturbing too. Whoever was running the Mets Police Twitter account was also deleting and re-sharing the same messages. It was like they were trying to get rid of the negative comments, which were outnumbering the likes, by a LOT. I don’t know why it just didn’t occur to them to stop doing it. The Met Police had promised beforehand that they were not going to arrest peaceful protestors.

There are going to be SO many Lawsuits. One of the things that gets me is that the UK had local elections very recently. And a lot of the Tories lost their places. YET, Labor UK are coming out saying that they have no plans to change anything that the Tories have put in place…

What is the actual point of them then?

Firstly, Charles choose his grandsons birthday, for some reason and no Monarchist extremists mentions it. Andrew came in all full gear. After promising they wouldn’t, the @MetPolice arrested protestors hours before the #Coronation.

I cannot even begin to imagine how frustrated the every day British person is right now.

World Story-Telling Day

World Storytelling Day is a global celebration of the art of oral storytelling. It is celebrated every year on the March equinox, on (or near) March 20.

We could sit here all day talking what makes a story, a story. Whether it be a modern creation or life lessons that have been passed on through generation to generation.

Today I want you to think about YOUR story. I’m having one of those silly “moments”. What is your story? Is it a good story, is it a drama or a comedy? Is your story about yourself, about others, your communities, or all three?…Did that rhyme?

What is your story.

Clearly you don’t have to tell me your story, but just take a moment to think about it. Think about one of those prompts, like “what would the title of your autobiography be?”.

Thursday Theories – Reality IS important

I just want to start this post off by saying, that I am so glad that some people “expose” themselves. And I unfollowed them.

I also want to ask, if it’s completely sad that I am sad about Internet Explorer?

What this post is more importantly about, is how important it is too talk about some of the realities in this world.

January 6th.

I’ve seen some people say that what’s the point of these current hearings. He was acquitted, why bother? Are they actually kidding?

This hearing is exposing the people who acquitted Trump, in the first place. Too sit there and actually say that these hearings have no purpose now, is ridiculous. We are talking/writing about the biggest corruption within the Republican Party, the Party who nearly brought America to it’s knees, since Nixon. Of course it’s important, how could it not be? You would have to either be complicit, have no understanding what Jan 6th did to America, or a complete idiot, to think these current hearings have no benefits.

I’m not even sorry for saying this. Trump is now throwing his own daughter under the bus.

It is really refreshing to see Republican’s and Trump Supporters being called out for WHAT they are. I don’t know about you all, but I am finding such clarity in the hearings.

No more talking

I am so OVER the hard right, saying that “Liberals” and the Left want to silence the Right. They don’t want to silence anyone, they just want people to think about others. Think about the consequences of what their words and actions have done and do do. I’ve said it once, I will say it again, America’s arrogance that they’re the greatest country and full of the greatest people, there’s no problem with America, will be it’s downfall. By voting Trump, by the PEOPLE…That has been proven to be true.

Here in Australia, we are a good country, but it would be arrogant of myself to say we are the greatest, we simply are not. We’re better than America though =P

Education is key to where a country is.

American education 2020: A tragically unreported catastrophe

America WAS a great country, not so much now.


Also, I apologise, I was putting up my Christmas Tree last night, so I was not talking, lol

Listen to what they DON’T say

Have you all heard of that saying “No answer is a answer”? Well, that’s what a lot of TERFs, GCs and the BBC are doing right now. I wont go into huge detail about it. Needless to say, no one knows what the BBC is even trying to play right now. It’s 2021, we can see everything.

My main point of this blog, is to listen to what someone DOESN’T say.

There is only thing I’ll say about the Cade situation. At least she’s being honest, with how she feels. Which isn’t a good thing (think when Melania Trump said about how Trump is honest with everything he says).

However, the lack of transphobic people calling it out. Is very LOUD.

This is what I mean by listening to what someone doesn’t say. Someone may say “Of course I condemn what she said” but then they’ll give you a brush off, or a “gloss over”. Where they demand something in return for them condemning it, which of course, as we all know, eliminates the “of course I condemn it”.


Those Trolls!

… And this post is not about the cute kind.

During the Trump President era, we saw a lot of these trolls come onto the scene. They came in all shapes, sorts and numbers. Claiming to speak for the silent majority.

There was Gav666999 and Kazza343437787 and TruthFreedomSeeker23

There was the picture of the dog, and the cats, and the horse…There were pictures of sunsets, and clear photos taken from a photo shot.

How did you handle them?

I think, like a few people, with all my positive and hopeful thinking. When Trump lost (the first time) that maybe we’d see the Trolls go back to the caves, or under their bridges…

No such luck,

We got rid of the King Great Goblin…

You know that saying about grey hairs? You pluck one…3 or 4 grow in it’s stead?

So we finally got rid, of you know who…

And then a whole bunch of Troll babies seem to take his place.

He may be gone from Twitter and Facebook, but it’s like. People still went and saw Trump and went “Oh yes, I can do that too!”.

I feel like I’m being listened too…

The last couple of weeks, haven’t just been mentally exhausting, but they’ve been great as well!

I really honestly feel like people are actually listening to what I’m saying, and that is a amazing feeling!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a bit now, you might have seen me write about a huge anxiety attack I had about a job. Well I also recently changed, what we called, a job provider. They have been amazing, I actually feel like they get what I’m talking about. They keep making me feel that they will actually work with me, rather than me trying to make them “look good”.

Recently, I have put in two complaints…I’m wont get too deep in it. But, I actually feel like these two companies ARE listening. In the past when I’ve put in a complaint, I felt like the people meant to protect people, sided with the bigots. I felt condescended too, but also there was a moment of clarity of “Well, that’s why that person’s still working there. Their company is totally fine with it”.

Tough Love

Have people forgotten about this all together?

Yarrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhh … I’m all about love and peace, but not when you’re enabling others to spread misinformation, or encouraging toxic habits.

My mum asked me the other what could she say to someone who kept sending her fake news about the COVID medications. I said just simply say “Please stop sending me this stuff”…Nope…So I said play it dumb…Nope…So I said “tell her to fuck off then”. Then later on, this group of people meet up at meditation (irony) once a month. Where my Mum said the majority of them, don’t like what she’s doing…So guess what they said to her when she brought it up…Nothing.

Now this woman’s DOCTOR son, is “threatening” to ban her from seeing his kids. I don’t blame him. She’s going around accusing people like her own son, of injecting people with fetuses. She wants to play victim?

It’s sad that her own son…whose a Doctor…Has to put his foot down, but no one else is willing to do it. She still thinks that she’s in the right, because no one is telling her how wrong she is.

You can absolutely talk to people, disagree, without being rude or unpleasant. You sometimes though, have to say SOMETHING!

A Great Big World

Thursday Theories – The Music = My Country

I want to change this post a little this week. Over this week, I was listening to some songs that make me nostalgic for how I think my country used to be, and how it should be.

Music is a different form of communication, it can make us feel so many different ways. It can invoke emotions that we sometimes forget are there. What I am going to do this week, is post five songs that make me “sappy” for my country, Australia. When I hear these songs, it reminds me that there is something beautiful still in my country.

I would LOVE for you all to either pingback five songs of your own, that represent your country to you. Doesn’t matter why. If you don’t want to do a whole post, then please post in the comments, the songs you think represent your country to you. If it’s your country’s anthem, go for it!

When I was in America, I sometimes would listen to this one song on repeat:

Christine Anu My Island Home – Uploaded by:

I mean, everyone and anyone whose anyone, thinks this should be Australia’s National Anthem:

I still call Australia home- Peter Allen – Uploaded by:
Tassie TV

You are very much missed Peter Allen ❤ ❤ ❤

This one, speaks a lot about what’s wrong with Australia. Especially with the treatment of Australian Aboriginal People. You can’t have the good without the bad. On a funnier side, this is the video that made a lot of men scared of Peter Garrett, because of his dancing, haha.

Midnight Oil – Beds Are Burning Uploaded by:
Midnight Oil

Seriously, is there anything better than indigenous (of any culture) music?

Yothu Yindi – Treaty (Original Version) Uploaded by:

Yothu Yindi

I am posting a link to the Radio Mix of the same song, that I think a lot of Australian’s will be more “used too” Both are fantastic though.

3.35K subscribers

Do you have any IDEA how hard it is, to pick just 5 songs? lol … I do HAVE to include “the voice” though, lol

John Farnham – You’re the Voice (Official Video) Uploaded by:

John Farnham

Extremely honorable mentions:

Jimmy Barnes


Dusty Slim



Daryl Braithwaite

Not expected mentions:

Look … I know AC/DC, Kylie Minogue, INXS, etc. Are Australian bands/singers, do they have songs that make me think “Australia”. That’s fine. This isn’t a list of what Australian bands and singers are my favourite. These are a list of songs, that make me think Australia and make me love Australia. Not sorry, but Kylie Minogue doesn’t have one, lol.