Well, this will be the only thing that I say about that “slap”.

We’re in 2022, believe it or not, and since 2020 life has been HELL, for everyone. Even people we don’t like, although they seem to rolling in happiness in our misery.

The only Comedy that I can honestly say I have been enjoying at the moment is “Our Flag means Death”. I don’t know why, but even with everything that everyone’s been going through the last couple of years. A lot of OLD comedians, have decided that NOW is the time to tell “jokes” that dump on others. I think a lot of people saw Will Smith and thought to themselves … YES!.

I don’t usually commend violence, but Chris Rock has been coming after Jada Pinkett Smith, since at least 2016. I WANTED to slap him.

I’ve been watching a lot of the older comedies, so like Golden Girls, Full House, Dads Army, lately. There are not many modern comedies that I enjoy. There’s a Comedy called Doll Face that I am enjoying, but you wont here about that. It doesn’t dump on others. It’s just a comedy, you know? It’s not trying to be overly woke, it’s not trying to appeal to Conservatives, it just is a sweet comedy show.

We’re in 2022 now people, not 2019. Keep Up!

If your “joke” dumps on vulnerable people, redo it. That’s just lazy. I think a big reason why shows like Golden Girls, Full House, Dads Army etc survive to this day, is because everyone can enjoy them. You can enjoy ALL of it. You’re not really sitting there cringing through bits of the show. Do you know what I mean?

I think everyone is getting tired of how easy it is to just dump on people and get away with it. Come on! Trump, Johnson, Morrison, don’t give you enough material? The Rights obsession with minors and adults genitals? You’re not getting enough material there? You have to go after WOC whose suffering from an autoimmune disease, instead?


Didn’t you know? I’m a comedian now! =D

“You’re not interesting just because the alt-right like you now.”

Its not even a joke, it’s a statement. How is it a joke? It’s just not a joke,lol… An opinion is not a joke. It’s lazy. He had all that time and that’s what he did? Write down some opinions?

Trevor Noah…Cancelled?

All women are beautiful

Trevor Noah explains controversial joke

For those who do not want to read the article. Trevor Noah is a comedian with a weekly/kind of daily comedy show. He has been one of my favourites for such a long time (and his impressions of the Trumpster is freaking hilarious!) However, he made a comment about Aboriginal women, that has not gone over well, with myself included. Too break it down :

“Women of every race can be beautiful,” he said. “And I know some of you are sitting there now going, ‘Oh Trevor… I’ve never seen a beautiful Aborigine.’ But you know what you say? You say, ‘Yet.’ Because you haven’t seen all of them, right?”

You can imagine how this comment has gone down, especially here ‘down under’.

Trevor Noah has gone to explain that because the whole clip wasn’t shown, his comments were completely taken out of context…But still…

I Dont Know GIF by The Hills - Find & Share on GIPHY

When I looked at the whole “bit”, I got it better. However, the comments were still harsh, no matter the setting. Since I am Australian, I have seen many beautiful Aboriginal women. Just because Trevor Noah may not have, doesn’t mean it was alright to say those comments and then not really apologise for them. Maybe he should have some done research about that one first. What if I said “I haven’t seen any beautiful South African women…Yet”…Well, one that’s not even true and how is that not degrading?

Also, Samantha Harris, Jessica Mauboy, Ella Havelka, Leah Purcell…

It’s really not that hard to find these women.

Also though, who gets to define beauty anyway?


In our lives we all have different heroes from all sorts of areas in our life. Jackie Chan is a personal hero of mine, but I do have to say that I am unfamiliar with his earlier work. Just meaning that I know he has been around for years, but I have only ever seen his more “Western” type movie. So, more like your “Rush Hour”, his more comedic action type movies (I was disappointed that the wasn’t part of the Expendables movie in anyways whatsoever).

After watching this video below, I want to go out and find his earlier work. It is just really beautiful.

Jackie Chan being reunited with former stuntmen will make you feel again

 Do you have a “Hero”? Have you ever been surprised by something you found out about them?

Dave Chappelle

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Dave Chappelle. Dave Chappelle is an American comedian and I think probably one of the best if not the best comedian ever. Dave Chappelle was so successful at his time that he walked away from a multi-million dollar contract…A $50 million contract to be exact!

Dave Chappelle reveals the real reason why he left Chappelle’s Show

I am so happy to say/write though that he is making a come back!

Home Entertainment TV & Radio NOVEMBER 24 2016 SAVE PRINT LICENSE ARTICLE Dave Chappelle returns to TV with three new comedy specials on Netflix

It’s supposed to be on Netflix during 2017. I think the timing is great, 2016 has been a horrible year. The world needs more laughter and I think that Dave Chappelle is the man to do it! Below is the skit that I was first introduced to. I have to say I still remember it fondly, I had to walk out of the room because I couldn’t breath with all the laughing.

RIP Gene Wilder

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I know that sadly Gene Wilder passed away on the 29th of August. I’ve been thinking about what to write about this incredible man. Probably one of the greatest comedians of our time. Young Frankenstein was probably my favourite movie of his, it got me through some rough nights. That’s why it didn’t surprise me to hear that he didn’t want people to know about his Alzheimer.

Alzheimer’s Association

What I’d do to be in Heaven right now!

I know that from my previous Blog this might seem a tad bit depressing, especially for the end of the week…But I felt like I needed to get this mans name out there today. It’s not been a good year so far when it comes to 2016 and us losing many beloved and awesome legends…How much fun would it be to pop in on Heaven right now?

Rest In Peace Ronnie Corbett

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Uploaded on Jan 5, 2012

Possibly one of their best comedy sketches ever, certainly the most popular and requested of all time.