Well, this will be the only thing that I say about that “slap”.

We’re in 2022, believe it or not, and since 2020 life has been HELL, for everyone. Even people we don’t like, although they seem to rolling in happiness in our misery.

The only Comedy that I can honestly say I have been enjoying at the moment is “Our Flag means Death”. I don’t know why, but even with everything that everyone’s been going through the last couple of years. A lot of OLD comedians, have decided that NOW is the time to tell “jokes” that dump on others. I think a lot of people saw Will Smith and thought to themselves … YES!.

I don’t usually commend violence, but Chris Rock has been coming after Jada Pinkett Smith, since at least 2016. I WANTED to slap him.

I’ve been watching a lot of the older comedies, so like Golden Girls, Full House, Dads Army, lately. There are not many modern comedies that I enjoy. There’s a Comedy called Doll Face that I am enjoying, but you wont here about that. It doesn’t dump on others. It’s just a comedy, you know? It’s not trying to be overly woke, it’s not trying to appeal to Conservatives, it just is a sweet comedy show.

We’re in 2022 now people, not 2019. Keep Up!

If your “joke” dumps on vulnerable people, redo it. That’s just lazy. I think a big reason why shows like Golden Girls, Full House, Dads Army etc survive to this day, is because everyone can enjoy them. You can enjoy ALL of it. You’re not really sitting there cringing through bits of the show. Do you know what I mean?

I think everyone is getting tired of how easy it is to just dump on people and get away with it. Come on! Trump, Johnson, Morrison, don’t give you enough material? The Rights obsession with minors and adults genitals? You’re not getting enough material there? You have to go after WOC whose suffering from an autoimmune disease, instead?


Tea = Everything fixed!

As this clip proves, that tea does, in fact, fix everything =D

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A discussion of the healing properties of a cup of tea.

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Robin Williams <3

Originally I was going to take a ‘hiatus’ from all types of social networking sites (except for this Sea Eagle webcam that I am now watching in replacement of the little Baby O’s). However I happened to peer over the shoulder over a friends computer while they were reading some news on the computer and saw the extremely sad news =( At first I thought he had died from a heart attack, but now it appears that it looks like a suicide.

I think this is one of the genuine times that I feel really upset about hearing of a “celebrities” death. I absolutely LOVED Robin Williams, he always had me cracking up…or in some cases, really freaking me out and making me cry.

‘Lightning storm of comedy’ Robin Williams dies of apparent suicide” “The Australian 2014”.

Robin Williams just had this amazing ability to take any situations and just make you laugh till your tummy and cheeks hurt and the tears rolling down your face and you have to walk out of the room because you cannot breath any-more…Can’t forget his dramatic pieces of work either! That man had so many facets and was extremely talented. I always thought that there was a bit of sadness, but it was always hard to see between the laughing. There was always just something in the background, but it’s one of things that you notice if you’re watching his stuff over and over again. I think he needed the hyperactivity to keep his mind off of other stuff…That is just my personal opinion though. His drug and alcohol addiction was pretty well known over the years…Still it is shocking.

Beyond Blue (c) 2014

Tow of my favourite comedians together =)