Oh, the ironies

Do you ever see someone make a comment that you just go “shake your head” and you have the perfect comebacks but you can’t say anything because you know it’ll create unnecessary drama? So I’ll share with you all my wannabe snappy come back. There’s this person…Most of her comments are negative and drama driven, all except for the guy that she kept calling the most amazing man ever…While in a relationship (with a child) with somebody else. She even complains a lot about her kid…

She posted this comment about how she is the Queen of not dealing with bullshit (with a gif of Rihanna wearing a crown) and I wanted to write the comment “I’ll give you that you don’t deal with a lot of bullshit, but you sure do create a lot of it!”

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That was lame, it was lame wasn’t it?lol


Dave Chappelle

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Dave Chappelle. Dave Chappelle is an American comedian and I think probably one of the best if not the best comedian ever. Dave Chappelle was so successful at his time that he walked away from a multi-million dollar contract…A $50 million contract to be exact!

Dave Chappelle reveals the real reason why he left Chappelle’s Show

I am so happy to say/write though that he is making a come back!

Home Entertainment TV & Radio NOVEMBER 24 2016 SAVE PRINT LICENSE ARTICLE Dave Chappelle returns to TV with three new comedy specials on Netflix

It’s supposed to be on Netflix during 2017. I think the timing is great, 2016 has been a horrible year. The world needs more laughter and I think that Dave Chappelle is the man to do it! Below is the skit that I was first introduced to. I have to say I still remember it fondly, I had to walk out of the room because I couldn’t breath with all the laughing.

Comeback tv shows!

“The past should be left in the past”.

So with Full House coming back everyone I’ve been talking to has been really excited and can’t wait! Like with most tv reunion type shows, everyone is full of trepidation and anxiety, most people cannot wait, but are worried about the “let-down” too. There have been many televisions shows that have stopped and then come back many years later.

Unfortunately when you type in “Comeback tv shows” into Google, there was actually a television show called “The ComeBack”.

One that I have actually been really enjoying lately is “The Odd Couple”starring Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon. I’m actually finding it to be really good, I didn’t think that it could work in this day and age…I was pleasantly surprised.

What shows are you looking forward to see coming back?