This or That? #55


This or That? #55

This week Bookmark Chronicles would like to know:

Would you ever join a book club? Why or why not?

The answer is I have never belonged to a book club, but that I have frequently wanted. The main thing that is stopping me is, if I’m not really interested in the book. There’s a good chance, I’ll struggle reading the book and then wont read it in time.

I have actually thought about creating my own online book club. I just have honestly, no idea about how that would even work. Even if it was run every couple of months, instead of every month.

Tonight is the Night!

girls night out

Tonight is the Night!

Tonight is my first girls night out since my break up and I am ready for it! The break was what…Month and a half? Two weeks since we stopped being friends and I need a cute guy (or two) to get a bit flirty with, not dirty with…Just flirty. I might even have a glass of champagne first before I head out…Crazy! I’m a bit of “light weight” so I don’t drink when I go out and it’s not at a friends house…or mine own!lol

In all honesty I am really nervous about this night. You see, I had this really odd plan on staying with my ex for the rest of my life, definitely the rest of this year…at least. There is just something different about “A Girls Night out” that just feels automatically different from going out with a mixed sex group of people. There’s is honestly no one else I want to be on the planet with than my ex, but a girl has to move on and although I don’t expect to find the love of my night tonight. I do want to get a little flirty, not flirty dirty, just flirty =D…I’m not ready for dirty yet ~.^

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