Cleaning out my closet…

I have to say that these last couple of weeks have been really interesting. I’ve been feeling pretty down a couple of weeks ago, but these last couple of weeks have been fantastic! I have been having so much fun! Been getting really creative, getting everything together.

I have been physically cleaning out my closet and now I want to clean out my closet “mentally health” wise as well.

So how does go about cleaning out their mental health closet?

Where would one start?

Is it just a matter of trying to forget?

Eating and drinking well?



February Goals

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  • Last month I got rid of a lot of clothes and accessories. This month I want to go through my technologies, for example, my computer and phone. To get rid of any old and useless files/photos etc.
  • Look for a 4 space A4 photo frame in one.
  • Organise my photo albums.
  • RENEW MY PASSPORT!!! I really need to get this one done!
  • Compare Anixety phone apps.
  • Write a post for my category “The Nerd Life”…I haven’t written one for a long time!

A good cleanout

So…I’ve been living in the house I am living in now for about 10 years so and the house before this one was larger. Meaning that we now have a LOT of boxes that have not been opened for a long time.

One of mine and my Mother’s goals this year is too clear out these boxes and see what we can get rid of. Now my Mum is always saying that they’re just my boxes and so I offered to start going through and after pulling out 4…That’s 4…of her boxes (I don’t know why she keeps telling everyone they are mine, when they are in her cardboard to even begin with) I finally managed to find my one…There’s possibly another one in there, but they are pretty much all hers.

Anyways, getting past that annoyance…It wasn’t easy to get to them either can I just tell you, because she’s put them all in her walk-in wardrobe, which has stuff on top of other stuff.

The first box that I pulled was full…just of full…of these books that I used to read all the time when I was teenager and some of my favourites that I haven’t read in year. The box also included a very random VHS tape of The Lord of the Rings. I took a few photos, just to show the collection…Oh, the memories they bring back…Especially the classic Judy Blume 3 in 1 books.

2017-03-13 16.30.15