I was watching an episode of the Golden Girls, the one where Dorothy and Sophia are told that Dorothy many not be Sophia’s daughter. On the same day, I saw all these people bashing teachers. How dare teachers take all this time off, which being the partner of a teacher, I know is not true. All these people of able-bodied children, suddenly mentally drained from spending a couple of weeks with their own children.

I have not seen a single person who have children who are disabled in some way, complaining about how they’re so mentally drained from spending time with their children.

I thought children are a blessing? Why are these people complaining about their children, online, if they chose to have them? What if there was a War? You chose to have (sometimes) them, some were a surprise. You didn’t give them up for adoption. You choose to keep them.

These parents aren’t making me want to have children.

If spending time with your children is a drain, if you couldn’t afford them (which I know how it sounds). Do not have them. It’s just being selfish. Teachers are NOT your babysitters.

Then I have a friend who can’t even have children, who wants to more than anything and it’s breaking her heart seeing these parents “drained” from their children.

God, this world is draining.


Sir Terry Pratchett…A cherished memory <3

In case you have been living under a rock this week you may have missed that one of the most brilliant writers and minds of our time have passed away….Sir Terry Pratchett.

Terry Pratchett was probably most famous for writing the book series “Discworld” and influenced millions of people and other writers around the world and was awarded an OBE inn 1998.

Unfortunately though a few years ago he was diagnosed with a rare form of early-set Alzheimers. One of the reasons though that I admired him SO much was because instead of hiding away, he faced his diagnosis head on. I watched his documentary series on others who were also battling terminal illnesses and how they were dealing with it “Terry Pratchett: Living With Alzheimer’s”. It was moving and brought up the issues of assisted suicide. It was incredibly moving and I recommend everyone watch it at some point.

R.I.P Terry Pratchett!