I See Fire

I’ve been debating whether or not make a post about this or not…But I’m gonna to do it…This weekend, in fact, at the time of this post. My mum, myself and a few friends of both of ours, are getting together to do a Fire Burning Ceremony.

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The significance of doing it today, is this. One of my ex friends is getting married today as well. Although I do not miss them at all and will not miss anything that they do. I still wanted to do something nice for myself this weekend. We thought about going Interstate, but knew it’d be to compact with HAVING to visit family and friends. Then I thought for a moment going somewhere nice in my own state, but I don’t really want to spend the money, so close to Christmas.

So we decided to have a party. My mum initially said we shouldn’t because those girls would think it’s about them. As I explained to her though, it wouldn’t matter what I did or said. They would always think it’s about them. If I was silent or not this weekend, they’d still say it’s about them, that’s who they are. So, what better way to get together with some actual friends and just “let things go”. We are having a fire ceremony. Which is where you burn things to “let them go”. I’m printing out a letter I had written for them, but would never send (I’ll write a post about those kinds of letters later). We’re encouraging others to do the same. I think it’s going to be lovely to be honest.

Maybe, even, our vibes might send too them and they let it go too!…Who knows! It’s also interesting because the weather is actually supposed to be horrible and rainy today, when we’re in Spring. I can’t help but think that once again Karma is on my side. I know my ex-friends will be complaining their heads off, instead of just enjoying the day.

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Published on 27 Nov 2013

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Australia Day 2016

So another year another Australia Day (Wiki) (which also means a Public Holiday …YAY!) Australia Day is celebrated annually on the 26th of January and the reason is straightforward. It’s to “celebrate” the arrival of the First Fleet of British Ships at Port Jackson, New South Wales, and the raising of the Flag of Great Britain at that site by Governor Arthur Phillip. Over the last few years it’s created a few problems, clearly as it also means the moment where the people who are indigenous to Australia were slaughtered (think what happened to the Native Americans).


Today I shall be enjoying the day off of work with going to the beach with a few friends and my partner down at the beach. The weather has actually been a bit off and has been cold (it’s supposed to be the middle of Summer at the moment). The other exciting thing on Australia Day is that people who took the Citizenship test and passed it, get their official certificate on this day. The ceremony to receive the certificate takes place on this day and they have a ceremony for it.