Here’s to the weekend!

So happy that the weekend is here and I personally looking forward to this weekend more than any I have for an age! The reason you may ask? I have been trying to slowly and deliberately take a certain group of negative people out of my life for a while and I found out (although it made my actual friend uncomfortable) that for the first time ever I HAVEN’T been invited to a birthday party. (I say uncomfortable for my friend, because they couldn’t understand why I hadn’t been invited and they didn’t know that I hadn’t either).

So to celebrate my boyfriend and I are having dinner and am going to play pool…I can’t wait! Best Weekend ever!hehe




I have hit my 200th Blog! I am so excited and incredibly grateful for that…Whenever I have ever started some type of journal or diary before, I lasted for maybe a month at the most…So this really feels like an incredible achievement and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the readers. You have help motivated me to keep Blogging and to constantly change the way I Blog to achieve even more readers.

Blogging Achievement – Level Up

Readers  РLevel Up =D

Here’s to my 20oth post and I am so happy that it falls on “Magical Monday” as well because I honestly feel like there is not better song to express how I feel right now =D…Here’s to a great Monday!

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Friend Like Me song from Aladdin.

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