Share Your World, June Wk3, 2019

Share Your World

Share Your World…6-17-19


If you were suddenly injured or died, are your bedside table drawers ready for someone else to go through them?   If you care to share, what’s the most unusual item someone might find, that might be potentially embarrassing?

For a moment I thought that the most embarrassing thing might be my overabundance over plush toys, or possibly my diaries that I had for a little while when I was a teenager. Then I remembered one thing, that I’ve actually been meaning to get rid of, but it’s in a draw all nicely wrapped up. I have not much use for it anymore, but because it’s well hidden I keep forgetting about it.

What keeps you going?  (However you might interpret that is correct.)

Honestly it really depends. It can be just spending some time cuddling with the partner or the furbabies, watching a comedy, being paid really well so I can finally buy that I’ve always wanted. Finally getting the package of the thing I’ve always wanted,lol. I really enjoy the sun, much more than the Winter. So if we get Sun during the day during Winter, that perks me up, even if I’m working.

Share a photo or a sentence about ‘your favorite thing(s) (credit to Judy Dystkra-Brown in response to this:  ttps://   )


At the end of  the song “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M.,  where did they all go?

Alien Abduction!

What are you grateful for right now?

I am so thankful that my work gave me as much work as they did. It means I can buy my Mum a good present =D It’s a big birthday and she’s having a party


I think that I may have mentioned this before. I just feel though I wanted to reiterate. I’ve been so lucky with my birthday recently. I really do feel like taking out toxic people made a very big difference for my birthday this year. Usually my closest ex-friends, let me down. Not only that though I wanted to catch up with people because I’m trying to get more social again. It’s working too =D

Sometimes we just see an article, a song, a quote and it “clicks” and it all makes total sense. Your behaviour, someone else’s.

Have you ever come across something, a quote, a song, article, etc? That just clicked with you? Care to share?