Too cancel or not to cancel, that is the question…

How many of you have heard about the “cancel culture”. If you haven’t, it’s where some (usually well-known) says or does something appropriate and then every one wants to “cancel” them. I guess, it’s another way, the more “modern” way to say “boycott”.

But is the cancel culture going TOO far? Is it becoming detrimental? Where we can’t have ANY discussion?

Usually if I don’t like what someone has said or done, I back myself away from them until I feel like I am in a position to talk with them again. With the cancel culture though, it’s a in the moment type deal and then even if the person apologises or explains, it’s too late.

For myself, personally, there are just some people that I have never liked and will never liked. Justin Bieber comes to mind. He recently explained when he was younger all the drugs and stuff he was on because of the pressures of being a child star. Which I get, but I was confused. I don’t like who he is NOW.

Whereas, I’m not sure if you all heard of the #boysdance too? A reporter in Hollywood appeared to mock Prince George going to Ballet and there was an uproar. I was a dancer, for a good, half of my life and I was upset by what the reporter appeared to be doing. But then a few days later Justin from edailypop (check it out).  Who I completely respect said that he didn’t think that this reporter was mocking Prince George. That she was laughing because she thinking “good luck” trying to get a toddler to settle down to do the discipline that is needed for ballet. But now she’s having to apologise for something she didn’t even mean? Because who would believe her?

Which is a valid point.

Maybe it’s time to put on the brakes culture,lol.


…And you are CANCELLED Germaine Greer

I warn you…I got SO angry reading this article…Not only did Germaine Greer admit to hearing her friend getting raped and when her friend asked her about it, she said “Might have been”


Germaine Greer “heard friend being raped and ‘did nothing’.

She then goes on to insult ALL the Harvey Weinstein victims and the ones now coming out.

…And YES…If you are married, you can still be raped and can still be a rapist…That ring isn’t some kind of “get out of jail/rape free card”.

…The stupid of it all!

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