It’s the most busiest time of the year

… well … generally … Some of you may have even busier times of the years, in which case. I am so sorry!

Remember, though, to make sure you get through!

This time of year can be such a “bad guy” to a lot our mental health. Whether it is just the general stresses, have you got enough presents? Have you got the right food, are there foods to considers ie vegan options).

While I can post a whole lot of articles, about what makes a less stressful Christmas. Let’s have a discussion about it instead.

For myself, I come up with rules for myself, well in advance of Christmas (I have probably written about this before). During end of June, start of July, I started to put money away, especially if I still not yet working. Even if it’s only $10.00. By the time December rolls around, you have at least over $200. Which may not seem a lot, but if you’re a “smart” shopper, it can help a lot. Even if you use it just for food.

KNOW the dates and days surrounding Christmas. Find out if you have to work on Christmas Eve, and in some cases on Christmas. Then you can work out your present buying schedule. And work out your pays as well. I get my last pay, before Christmas (and for the year) on the 23rd of the 12th. So, that is the day I am going to the shops and getting any vouchers. Then Friday is Christmas Eve, the gift certificates should be the last things I need to get.

Internally, be satisfied, with what you can get. Too me, the point of Christmas, is not necessarily the gifts. They should just be, and always be an added bonus to the day.

Choose travel friendly gifts, especially if you have family or friends, coming interstate or internationally! We have a lot of family (hopefully) coming from interstate. So, their gifts must be able to be packed into a car, or a suitcase. With room for their own things, haha.

Don’t give up on things that make you happy. For example, I love to read just before bed. I’m not giving that up just to try and get some presents wrapped earlier.

And if you do go into the shops to get your presents, I’m trying to do both this year. But we’ve just had another outbreak of COVID. See if you can make a plan, before you go into the shops. If you are familiar with the shop, then that makes it easier (clearly).

And just have fun! ❤


I want to break up…


So I have a lot going in this next week and I’ve written a Blog for later in the week about some changes that are going for me personally. The quote above is definitely how I am feeling about this week and I just really want it to be over with and now where I stand with everything. I am making myself very busy this week and keeping myself preoccupied.

Tricky Tuesday

So this morning is one of those mornings where everything is happening and this Tuesday is my last day after the busy period where I work. So I’m taking the rest of the week off. So here’s just a brief overview of what’s due to happen today:

  • Bidding ends at 6:30 in the morning on an item I really want to get (cannot remember the last time I had to wake up that early!)
  • New phone is scheduled to come today.
  • My favourite clothing site is having a collection come out today and I’ve been saving for this one for a while.

They are just a few things that are happening today, of course I’m at work all day today, even though I have the rest of the week off #firstworldproblems. It’s just always seems to be the way. Do you find that too readers?

One week…

Isn’t it crazy that in one week it will all be over with? The stressing, the struggling to find and get people the presents that they actually wanted? The week before Christmas I always start freaking out, I don’t freak out on Christmas Eve as a lot of people seem to do. I think that’s mainly because if I’m not ready by Christmas Eve, I’m stuffed any-way.

Today I have a spent a lot of time today with enquiring why my packages are not here yet. My head has come very close to exploding as to why no one is getting back to me. But then I got my Christmas present for myself! That’s another thing I do every year, I always buy myself a little something. This year I bought a little Dragon from Little Fat Dragons and she is beautiful! These pictures do not justice to how gorgeous she is though.

2014-12-19 13.21.092014-12-19 13.19.52So when do you start really worrying about Christmas? Do you start getting scared on Christmas Eve, or have you started worrying about it months ago?