If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you probably would have seen my post about how I gave myself a “day off” over the weekend. Like I pretty much did whatever I wanted. Which include not coming on here, and I wrote about the guilt of it all.

But it was what I needed, even with the guilt, even with the feeling of obligation that I felt to let people know.

So, apart from the guilt, it was good.

See, the weekend before, I had a cold. I also was supposed to see my Gran on the Saturday, and my partners Nan on the Sunday. You all know what its like when you’re sick, it’s not a “break” when you’re sick. Being sick is not a holiday.

I read so much, I played my computer games, I even got to do some journal writing. I didn’t have a bath, but lovely showers and I even took care of my feet, lol. I put on some incense. I did not over eat, but I enjoyed my food! ❤ What do you do to refresh and recharge?



Yesterday, I decided to take a break, for whatever I wanted too. Which is why I didn’t make comments yesterday, on here.

I did do things like clothes and dish washing, because, well I had too.

Today though is a public holiday (for I believe) most of Australia, We get a public holiday to “celebrate” the Queens birthday. Happy Birthday your majesty. Apart from drinking tea, I’m not really doing anything “British”, not on purpose. It’s just not happening, lol

I was all yesterday “I’m just gonna chill” and do whatever, I just felt like I needed too. You know what though? It was REALLY hard to do, because there are things that I could do, but I just didn’t want to do.

It was really hard to get rid of the guilt that I felt by not doing things I should have done. Now, these things do not need to be completed for a bit. But still, that guilt.

Take a break, take a kit kat

Oh my goodness, what a time to be in the world. What I would like to write about today, is what you do or what you can do to take a quick break. Not necessarily “self care” but something to do just to give yourself a deep breathe in and out.

One thing I love to do is watch an episode of an old classic, like Dads Army, the Golden Girls.

A cup of tea and watching a couple of funny YouTube vidoes.

At work I have a “stress ball”. It amazing how a couple (or few) quick grips, releases, whatever it is that’s released, lol

From this weekend on…

I am coming off of like 90% of my social media accounts.

So I mean like my Twitter (which I highly encourage none of you too follow me, ,lol), my insta. It was like I was saying on Twitter. Social media is becoming like work, it’s depressing and I really don’t want too do it, but you have too. How else will everyone know how I’m feeling? Hahahaha…But unless you’re lucky you’re not even being paid to be on social media!lol

So why not take the weekend to recharge?

IBFC – International Book Friends Club

What I’d like and what I need

I realised yesterday, that since Travie went missing. I have not had a chance to sit and relax, to have a break. Even the day…early morning…he came back, everyone want to know everything. Which is obviously really sweet, but we all needed a sleep.

I honestly answered the door and the phone, the first time, to well wishes like this…

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And I just looked worse and worse throughout the day, lol. You have to remember, Travie came back at 4:30 in the morning.

My “problem” is, I love to stream, blog and generally be awake at work.

I just haven’t had anytime to do anything. I love my work, but we only get public holidays off. So all Christmas I’ve been working, too come back to my partners house, with nothing cleaned, the cat sick everywhere AND NO DINNER COOKED! Luckily, I have been “killing it” at work since my work neighbour has been upstairs and I’m downstairs. But again, that makes me tired, lol.

Data Entry is surprisingly tiring work! lol

So I guess, in about a month. I’m going to see if I can take a week off work. Of course, when everyone else is back at work, haha!

Too be fair to my partner, the cat’s sick makes him sick…BUT…The dishes weren’t done and there were more than two days of dishes, because I had been at my mum’s home. AND STILL NO DINNER! The sick was in the laundry, nowhere near the kitchen. Honestly, I wanted to cry.

But you know, life keeps moving. Also, I refuse to do the dishes out of principal.

They’ll get done tomorrow morning, lol

I think it’s time people, I think it’s time.

I think its time people, for starting to take myself off of Twitter.

Oh my god, it is SUCH a mess on there! I actually think it’s worse than Facebook sometimes. It’s like FB has those algorithms, which you can ignore most of the times. But twitter, I swear is becoming bad for both “sides” and just for causes in general.

I went on for an hour, the other day. Honestly, just to check Roe vs Wade. Made a comment on a thread, and literally just said “I get your intention, but maybe don’t use Jenner as representation for the trans community. She is a privileged person” … Well!

I got called a fascists’, that I was policing people. Even though, ironically, they agreed using Jenner was a bad idea. And that was from people who I follow and supported. They blocked me after calling me a fascists’. And it’s not the first time that sort of thing has happened to me.

I will continue to support trans people forever more, but I really feel some people just need to get off of Twitter altogether. If Twitter were doing what Twitter SHOULD be doing, it’d be a different story. But since Twitter doesn’t want too, we have to make these decisions for ourselves.


Share You World – 04/05/2020

Share Your World – 5-4-2020

Share Your World


What can you break even if you don’t touch it?  (yes there is a real answer to this.  I’ll reveal it in the next week sometime.  Still, answer how you would like – no right or wrong answer)

Is it a heart? That seems to easy! It’s a heart, isn’t it?

What’s the most useful thing you own?

I have no idea,lol…My handbag I suppose? I can put a lot of things in there. People make fun of me, whenever I get a new handbag. Others always pay me out and call my bags the “Mary Poppins” bag.

What’s The Silliest Reason You’ve Ever Gotten Into A Fight With Someone Over?

Steak. We were supposed to get Chinese food, but my brother wanted chilly steaks. I can’t eat chilli, never have. Anyways, because he’s the Prince, we had to have the steak. I was struggling to eat it, because I can’t eat chilli…BOTH my mum and my brother called me fake! So I said “Yes, I’m fake. I have, in fact, been able to eat chilli my whole life. When I was born I said to myself that I’m going to fake my whole life, not being able to eat chilli, just for this moment”. Everyone made sure he was okay -.-

If You Were A Snake, How Long Would You Want To Be?   No, size does not matter.  😛

I would want to be a long python. Probably because I’m short and they are long,lol.


Gratitude and/or uplifting?   Please share.   We can all use some of those.  

That #IrunwithMaud is trending worldwide. We are all connected.

Start the new calendar year with a Spiritual Cleanse — Inner Journey Events Blog

Sharing one of my favourite post-Solstice / New Year practices (and yes, I share this every year!!!) Many of us have cleansing rituals (both sacred and secular) associated with the new calendar year. For some it’s a simple clean sweep throughout the home, after all the holiday celebrations. For others, it’s a thorough decluttering of […]

via Start the new calendar year with a Spiritual Cleanse — Inner Journey Events Blog

You might have noticed that I have been quiet over the last couple of days (other than scheduled posts). I can’t do social media anymore. Although I don’t necessarily consider WordPress. I don’t care, wrong is wrong. I don’t know why but I’ve been seeing a LOT of people attacking others (not discussing) for things that are just wrong. Body shaming etc and in return then I start getting called names. I’m over it. If you don’t like being called out on your bullshit, stop being so shit! I need to gather myself together so I can keep doing it.

I am losing faith in the human race, we need to stop acting SO entitled. Yet, at the same time some can’t be bothered getting off their butts and do the thing that they are complaining about. It’s dehumanising. 

My mental health has been seriously compromised…Why do people keep thinking after being so horrible, they deserve “good” things?

You’ve got to have a Hobby

41. Hobbies

I love Hobbies…I am all about the Hobbies…

I feel like everyone needs a Hobby, or some kind of outlet. I am grateful to all the Hobbies  in the whole world because I feel like they are such a good distractions and just give our minds a break from the rat race of the world.

Some of my Hobbies are (in no particular favourite order):

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Playing Games
  • Crafts
  • Baking…I consider baking to be more like cupcakes/cakes/muffins/biscuits…Food you don’t “need” to make, rather more that they are fun.
  • I don’t know if you’d call watching “Safari Live” a “hobby” but I enjoy it, it’s like watching your favourite “YouTuber” I guess? Is that even an Hobby?lol

I am grateful for all the Hobbies and they have been great distractions for myself personally. When I first developed my odd anxiety symptoms, doing all the Hobbies above distracted me and with those distractions slowly I’ve gotten better. I have often thought lately about making my Hobbies my work…But I don’t know if I’m brave enough or would even know where to start!