IWD 2023

International Women’s Day is a global holiday celebrated annually on March 8 as a focal point in the women’s rights movement, bringing attention to issues such as gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence and abuse against women. International Women’s Day 2023 campaign theme is Embrace Equity – #IWD2023 #EmbraceEquity #IWDtheme.

The news has been a bit depressing, so I am not really “feeling” it this year. If you know what I mean.

I did find this article, that I found interesting. Especially with the way refugees are now being treated in the UK. So for IWD, Glamour presents: 12 Well-Known Women You Didn’t Know Were Refugees ; By Kate Friedman November 20, 2015

By the way. Suella, its totally on path with the Nazis.

A lot of gay (white) men have been posting this today.

Now, there are only 3 trans women in this picture. Marsh, I am pretty sure is non-binary, meaning, not trans or cis, woman or man.

Also though, a little History. If that is a picture of the first woman’s march, that took place in 1913, when being gay was still illegal and gay people would have been arrested (if not worst) and made to do hard labour. Hard Labour wasn’t abolished until 1948. There were also no women of colour in those Marches, they had to do their own later. So essentially Johnny there, a white gay male should be thanking his lucky stars that times have changed.

On top of which being gay, doesn’t give you an “out” to speak over or for women. You’re a man! Mind you looking at Johnnys profile, he’s bought into the whole Tucker Carlson showing how Jan 6th was all “fake”.

If you want to spend the whole talking about trans women though, go for it. But this cis woman will point out all your flaws =D



I was inspired to write this post after a TERF, posted about how brave she was. She wrote something apparently, and all these women liked it. Except for this, she hid her post from her “friends” who are trans supportive. That’s not brave and certainly not critical thinking to write something, but then hide it from people who will call you out on it.

I constantly and publicly write things, so anyone can see it. Because I know I’m right, and if anyone disagrees with me, I got myself backed up with facts and truths.

Posting something and editing it so only the people who already agree with you, agree with you. Is not brave. That’s literally one of the dumbest things I think I’ve ever heard. They also call themselves a “critical thinker”.

You mean, I’ve been over here, getting Bibles from my Religious family members, like a dumb ass when I could have been hiding my posts for this entire time!

Nurture Thursday – Brave and Magnificent

Nurt Thur – Brave and Magnificent

I was trying to think of something to say, rather than another quote. Also though, this sums it up quiet nicely.

maginificent treasures

I feel like this is so relevant, as well, for us who don’t feel like they don’t fit to the rest of the world. I feel like this is true of myself recently. Losing my ex-friends and finding myself in a situation where I felt kind of alone. I had to rely on myself more, rather than listening to narcissism of my friend who had no problem telling me what was wrong with me. I feel like I’ve found my voice =D Which caused me too “lose” more friends, but I gained myself back =D

Just WordPress today

I have decided to stay off of all social media for the next couple of days. I do stand with Dr Ford, but I just know me. I know that no matter which way it goes, I am not going to be good either way…And I’m Australian!

WordPress is pretty much the only place that I am allowing myself to be on for the next couple of days.

Dr Ford is the bravest human being at the moment.

The Incredibles Cape GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The people I follow and who follow me are the kindest people I know. Yes, WordPress is a safe space for me…I don’t see what’s wrong with that though? Recharge is just as important as well. I feel though it gives me time as well to read through everything instead of spouting at the mouth. Not being caught up in the moment, wait for it die down.

You know what truly drives me nuts about the whole thing? Republicans keeps blaming and claiming that the Democrats only want to delay the inevitable.The Republicans haven’t been following “due process” Ever think it got leaked late, because NO ONE thought Kavahguan committing perjury and (for some reason) didn’t have to release his records.and was going to get away with it? This is a LIFE TIME APPOINTMENT. The ONLY people who created this are GOP by not following due process in the first place!

RIP David Bowie

I am sure that most of you by know, in one way or another, have heard of the passing of David Bowie. I personally was in shock because I didn’t even have a clue that he was sick! It feels like a huge loss to not only the music industry, but a huge loss to the creativity community as well. What a Rock Star! What a Legend! Just for today, in honour of Bowie, do something brave =D

David Bowie

Date Yourself!

It’s amazing when we are in a  relationship how much of an effort we are willingly to “date” someone, the getting ready, the saving money, making sure that we are going somewhere they like. One of the things that used to frustrate me about my past partners was they’d always want to play games with their friends and I’d get ditched all the time, when I wanted to go out and have fun. If we ever went to the movies, it was always with their friends and it would never be a movie that I wanted to see.

At a very rough time in my life, I had gone to visit a boyfriend at work, and it was at a shopping mall that I had not been too for a very long time. I had planned to have a little look around and then come back to have lunch with my partner. I ended up spending all day by myself, shopping, eating, drinking coffee and seeing a movie that I had wanted to see. It was the most fun day I had had for so many months. It was then that I made a resolution to myself which I have applied too, even more so, being single.

Once a month I take myself out on a “date”. I go to the movies, I go too exhibitions I want and I treat myself to a lunch or a special treat at a nice cafe/restaurant. It is something that I HIGHLY recommend all single people and people in relationships do too. It has also made me more brave to go to more places by myself rather than relying on someone to end up taking me.

So take a spa day by yourself and for yourself. Buy the bad food and watch that movie that makes you cry. Dress up in your favourite clothes and dance to your favourite music.

Take the time to make an effort to date yourself!

Dating Day!