This or That?# 50


This or That? #50

What’s worse:

Lending a book to a friend and having it returned damaged or not returned at all?

Oh this is a good one! I think not having something returned is worse, especially if they just never mention it ever again. It’s just more of an annoyance for me if they damage it. That’s mainly because though, sometimes things getting damaged just happens, I try not to think that someone would intentionally damage property I’ve lent to them. Never returning it though can make situations very awkward, especially if they never own up to it.

This or That #47


This or That #47

Are you typically hesitant about lending your books to others?

“It depends” is not an option

I feel like I need to insert the hashtag #sorrynotsorry…But I always feel hesitant, it doesn’t even matter if I have lent a book/movie to them before and they returned it…You just don’t know what’s going to happen, it might be that one time you lend your book out and they just never return, you might never see them again. So even though I might lend my book out, I have so much hesitation in my mind.