This or That? #62


This or That? #62

This week Bookmark Chronicles would like to know:

Have you ever used BookTube? If so, do you have any favorite BookTubers?

To be completely honest with you, I had never even heard of BookTube before I had come across this article. I nearly didn’t write a post, because I felt like I hadn’t look at it, so what could I possibly write about it? Then I decided I should look into and see if I would perhaps use it in the future. You learn something new every day!

First, there isn’t an actual “BookTube”website persay, as I found out. It’s best just to go to YouTube and type in BookTube into their search bar. It is pretty much videos of people/communities who instead of writing an post on a website they create videos instead. Below is a video I found of Little Book Owl, and she gives a really great explanation of BookTube…And I am pretty sure that she is Australian too =D

Would I use a BookTube? Probably not. Just because, personally, I am what is known as a ‘quick reader’. I can skim through pages reasonably quickly. So when I read a review, it’s because I want to find out more, pretty quickly. However, I think it’s a great idea. Like myself, I find sometimes reading through long critical words can make me “bored”. Sometimes seeing someone’s physical excitement for a book, or their positive body language, can get me going too.

Saying all of this though I did actually try to start reviewing books via video myself a while back, but I could never get the quality right. Or the sound would mysteriously just disappear during editing and I could never get it back. Who knows what might have happened if I hadn’t of given up!